Unusual Ways To Reduce Stress


Stress finds a way to creep up on all of us, whether it is the looming exams or projects or the combination of finagling a tightly woven schedule of activities for everyone in your family. While taking a hot bath, drinking a nice glass of wine and even a massage can help relieve tension, you may not always be able to partake in those stress reducing activities, which is why we have come up with a number of other ways to relieve stress that are a little unusual and can be done almost anywhere.

 1. Swivel Your Chair
Break up your day by releasing tension when you swivel your chair around and around for a few minutes. The freeing feeling of spinning takes you back to merry-go-round days of childhood when our lives were stress free.

2. Walk Barefoot on the Grass
Getting back to nature connects you with earth and the simplistic basics that really matter. Relish a nice break walking on the lush grass and clear your mind to let the stress release from your body.

3. Have a Pillow Fight with Your Bed
There is nothing like releasing pent up aggression through a good ol’ fashion pillow fight – just make sure you attack your bed so you do not hurt anyone for real.

4. Procrastinate
Even if you are stressed out because you have a million things to do, take a moment for you. It may sound ridiculous, but take a moment to watch one of your favorite movies or read from your favorite author. The time spent outside of your reality will give you a fresh start and perspective when you return to your task list.

5. Balance on One Leg
Huh?! Yes, take a moment and balance on one leg with or without people around and take deep breaths. You will find yourself concentrating on your balance and not on the situation(s) that have you stressed out.

6. Make a Snowman
No, not a real snowman, but find materials to make your own personal Frosty the snowman. It can be cotton balls or crinkled up printer paper – this unusual activity is good to release the mind from its other stressors.

7.  Chew on Something Crunchy
Pretzels, chips or nuts – give yourself something to crunch on. The power it takes to break that down will help release stress through the chewing and crunching.

8. Get Practical
Jokes that is. Laughter is the best medicine, and that especially rings true with stress. Take a moment to release some good endorphins and play a practical joke on a co-worker, like putting a piece of tape over the mouthpiece of their phone – they will be able to hear people, but they will not be able to hear them! Just make sure they do not have any major phone meetings that day :)

9. Make Music with Paper
Experiment with all the ways you can make music with paper – blowing on it, waving it up and down? Not only will you hear cool sounds, you will have fun figuring out all the new ways to carry a tune with an object.

10. Revert to Age 2
Make “No!” your favorite answer. Stop taking on too much and making yourself stressed out. If you release some of the pressure you put yourself under, then you and those around you will enjoy a better version of you.

Kathryn Thompson, health advocate and assistant to Susan Wright DVM who is the staff expert for Dog training Collars, devotes part of her time providing encouraging advice and great tips regarding life changes and healthy living that make a difference.

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