7 Ways To Lose Weight Fast


There are a thousand and one reasons why someone is looking for fast weight loss tips. They could want to be losing weight fast for the high school reunion coming up, a wedding or any other special event. No matter the reason, there are several safe and effective ways of losing weight fast.

Expend More Calories Than Are Eaten
It is vital to follow the cardinal rule of weight loss. There must be more calories being burned than there are being consumed. The first of the lose weight fast tips is to decrease calorie intake and to increase exercise so that weight is being lost quickly. However, to do this safely, one should never lower his caloric intake below 1,050 calories per day without the advice of a physician. Additionally, he should know that a pound is equal to 3,500 calories.

Eat High Fiber Foods
One must eat healthfully when losing weight fast. To do this, he should consume filling food with few calories. Some of these foods could include high fiber fruits and vegetables.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drink plenty of water when losing weight fast. Thirst can occasionally seem like hunger. In addition, water has no calories and can temporarily fill the stomach, thereby faking fullness.

Eat Protein
Get the majority of his calories from proteins. This will assist in fat loss while ensuring that muscle loss will not occur. One should never abstain from food altogether when losing weight fast, for this can lead to dire health consequences as well as muscle loss and fatigue.

Eliminate Excessive Sodium
Sodium should only be a very small part of the diet. Sodium is a naturally occurring mineral that holds onto water molecules in the body. However, many prepared and packaged foods these days also come with a great deal of salt in them. Most people living in Western civilizations already get an overabundance of sodium, also known as salt, in their diets. By cutting out much of this salt, a great deal of unnecessary water weight can be quickly lost.

Eliminate Refined Carbohydrates
Cutting out excessive refined carbohydrates can be a great way to increase the amount of weight lost in a short period of time. Carbohydrates also nudge the body to retain fluids. In addition, if they are not used as immediate energy, most of them are stored as fats.

Eat Minimal Amounts of Fats
Fats should only be a small part of the diet. Of course, everyone needs some fats for their bodies to run properly. However, continuing to eat fats, especially saturated fats, excessively will derail any weight loss plan.
Basically, the best fast weight loss tips focus on healthful eating, appropriate amounts of exercise and no crash diets. One should focus on filling up on high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits, getting calories from proteins and cutting out refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. Following these tips can get anyone in shape within a short period of time.

Written by Dan Mathew who is a nutritionist with expertise in weight loss diets. You may want to take a peek at his review blog

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