Top 5 Home Remedies For Mole Removal

One of the most unattractive things to have is a mole. People have gone to great lengths just to find a way to have their moles removed. There are surgical procedures as well as over the counter medication that is available for the treatment of moles. However, many people have discovered that there are other ways to get rid of moles without having to result to the above measures. This article shall enrich you with the top 5 home remedies for mole removal. In just a few days you will start to notice some changes in the size of your mole and eventually it will fall off.

Use of Pineapple Juice

You will need the pineapple to be fresh and not canned in order for the treatment to work. Instead of using the juice you can also use slices from freshly cut pineapple. Some people make a thick paste out of a blend of freshly cut pineapple and a quarter cup of sea salt and they use this paste as a facial scrub.

  • Wash the affected area with some warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Apply the juice on the affected area several times in a day.
  • You will notice that in a few days the mole begins to fade away.

The Use of Aloe Vera

For many year the aloe Vera plant has been used in many skin care products both in the past and in the present. Its ability to heal is well know and this quality has been used by many in the removal of moles. You can buy the aloe Vera liquid from a shop or if you know a place where the plant is grown just use the natural sap from the plant. Apply the sap at least three times in a day and you will begin to notice some changes after some days.

Baking Soda With Castor Oil

  • You need to make a thick paste with some baking soda and castor oil.
  • Apply the paste on the mole and leave it to dry off, you should apply the paste and leave it overnight.
  • Continue doing this for a few days until you are satisfied that the mole is no longer visible. (More information about this method)

Use Cumin Seeds

Grind some cumin seeds such that you are able to make a poultice out of them. Now apply the poultice on the mole and tie it in place with the help of a piece of cloth. Cumin seeds are some of the best ways to deal with moles that are bleeding or that are sensitive. Continue applying the poultice on the affected area and in a few weeks the mole will fall off.

Use the Dandelion Root

Take the root of the dandelion plant and rub it on the mole until the mole is completely covered with the milk from the root. You need to repeat the procedure 2-3 times in a day and the mole will get detached from the skin and eventually fall off.

A Word of Caution

Moles can be a sign of something dangerous. If your mole is painful, bleeding, oozing, tender, scaly or itchy then this may be a sign for something more serious. Seek medical attention so as to get a second opinion onto what may be causing such symptoms.

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Daniel Fisher is an editor at BeHealthy24.Com. The website contains useful information about natural remedies and health.


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