Top 10 Stupidest Criminal Mug Shots Ever Taken

Though being imprisoned for a crime is a very serious matter, some people still think of it as a joke. When arrested, some of these felons cried over the crimes they committed but guess what? Others decided to just laugh it off. Although it is advisable to stay away from trouble, it’s actually okay to enjoy the top 10 stupidest criminals mug shots taken.

1.) Michelle Watson

(See mugshot) Was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. How did she top that? A two thumbs up that leads to a smiling mug shot.

2.) If you’re thinking of pursuing a life of crime, it’s not a good idea to get tattoos across your face.

This is a mistake Albert Tejeda (See mugshot) committed. For his case, a memorable face is not a great thing especially with crime as his line of work.

3.) For Jonathan Washburn

(See mugshot) It really sucks to have an amazing triple Mohawk especially when police officers are looking for a man with a triple Mohawk. Police report says that Washburn and his skateboard buddy cracked when someone took a picture of his daring hairdo. Washburn and his buddy bashed the man with a skateboard and then took his $100 Oakley shades.

4.) What would you do if you get trapped passing a bad check? For Rachelle Renee Price

(See mugshot) She would smile and then stick out her tongue during her mug shot. Pearland police say that Price tried to buy stuff at HEB worth $251.71 and she got cashed for a check worth $258.97. However, when the store contacted the bank, they were informed that the check weren’t worth anything.

5.) Cory P. Smits must be proud of being tagged as the one with the greatest drunk driving mug shot

(See mugshot) If he was really sober, a lot of people believe that he would have not considered a facial tattoo. It’s surprising that when police officers arrested him in Two Rivers, they still noticed the bloodshot and glassy eyes. This is regardless the fact that Smits could barely stand and reeked of too much booze.

6.) Mark Siebenmorgen is a mad man who spread toothless terror when he was accused of a crime spree

(See mugshot) Siebenmorgen’s crime spree included throwing rocks at people, leaping onto cars and showing random by-standers. Hi crazy antics did not end there. When he was in court, Siebenmorgen showed off his muscles, offered salutes and colorful advice on pronouncing his last name.

7.) Elizabeth Athenia Progris

(See mugshot) Emulates a troll pencil-topper during the mug shot of her arrest. Her crime? Prison guards noticed a bag fall from the crotch of Progris after a shower. The bag after further checkup contained the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

8.) Meat Loaf Imposter, Eric Brown

(See mugshot) Was arrested when he was accused of trying to grab control of a moving taxi while he was drunk and dressed as a vampire.

9.) James T. Lowe

(See mugshot) Is a homeless man charged with indecent exposure. Police arrived at the scene and saw Lowe outside the Laundromat without his pants. When police questioned him, he claimed that he was washing his pants.

10.) Samuel Earl Sims

(See mugshot) Was accused by several people who witnessed him having sex with a stray dog called “Lady.” Sims who was described as “somewhat” mentally disabled admitted to such act. He was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

People say that when you commit a dumb crime, you will usually look the part. Some epic photo in the top 10 stupidest criminals mug shots taken shows just some of the funniest pictures ever taken inside a police station.

Christopher J. McCann is a practicing Santa Ana DUI Lawyer at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann who was recently awarded his 6th SuperLawyers Magazine “Rising Star” award. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm

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