Infographic: Do You Know Your Bra Size?

Do you know what bra size you are? Probably, all of you are thinking ‘yes’. However, with 4 out of every 5 women wearing an incorrect bra size on a regular basis – that is a lot of women – chances are unless you’re a fitting specialist you’re wearing the wrong size.

Even if you’ve been to get ‘measured’ recently, the size you were given might not be your true one. A huge number of boutiques still train their staff with the outdated ‘plus four’ sizing method which admittedly does work for some women (it usually does for me) but for the vast majority, won’t.

This old ‘plus four’ method was invented back before Lycra and super-stretchy fabrics were around, meaning that bra bands were not all that elastic and needed to be a bit loose so you could move around comfortably in them. Hence if your ribcage measured 30″ around, you’d ‘add 4’ and wear a 34 band size. If your ribcage was an odd measurement you’d add 5, i.e. a 31″ measurement meant a 36 band size.

Nowadays, if you wear a band that’s 4 inches wider than your ribcage it’s likely too loose. Since almost all of the support in a bra comes from this band (not the straps as many people believe) it needs to be nice and firm. You should be able to slip a couple of fingers under there, but not your whole hand.

Too loose a band can lead to all sorts of problems, not least of which is shoulder pain from straps that dig in, plus breasts that look like they’re sagging as they’re not being held up properly – and no one wants that!

So go on, take the test and find out if the bra you’ve got on right now is really your true size. The worst that could happen is you discover it’s wrong and you have an excuse to splash out on a brand new lingerie drawer!

Image via Esty Lingerie


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