Dangerously Delicious & Popular Iced Tea Flavors

Amaretto Iced Tea

There’s no doubt that some of the tastiest ice tea comes from a simple blend of well-brewed and high-quality tea leaves, but every now and then it’s fun to try something new. Here are a few ice tea ideas that you can try for yourself this summer…

Herbs: There are a few herbs that can really boost the flavor and aroma of iced tea. As a general rule, herbs that have a citrus or mint taste works really well with tea – including mint, lemon grass, thyme, lemon verbena. All you need to do is add the herb to your ice tea pitcher – it’s really easy.

Fruit: There are lots of fruits that can complement the flavor of ice tea, not to mention improve the way it looks. In particular, berries and citrus fruits work best, but it’s always good to add these after the tea has chilled otherwise you can end up with the peels dissolving into the tea which often gives a bitter taste.

Tea Popsicles / Lollies: If you try blending your iced tea with fruit juice or homemade lemonade and putting it in the freezer, it can be a fun way of introducing iced tea to people who wouldn’t usually try it, and it is also an enjoyable treat for children!

Sweet Tea: Depending on taste, it’s sometimes great to sweeten iced tea with sweetener, sugar or even honey for a after dinner treat.

Iced Tea Ice Cubes: Try making some ice tea cubes. Make some of your favorite ice tea blend, mix it with your favorite flavors and pop the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze until solid. These can then be popped into cold drinks like homemade lemonade to keep it cold, and infuse it with a delicate ice tea flavor.

Iced Rooibos: For people new to ice tea, a tall glass of iced rooibos can be a great drink to start with because it lacks the acidity of regular iced tea. It’s a very smooth and refreshing drink and naturally caffeine-free, too – so it’s even great for children!

Fruit Tisanes: In addition to rooibos, fruit tisanes can be made from dried fruits and are also naturally caffeine-free.

Mar”tea”nis:  Last but not least – Mar”tea”nis. A delicious adult-take on iced tea… That’s right, you’ve guessed it, it’s an iced tea flavor of your choice with a generous dash of martini to spice things up a bit. Perfect for summer garden parties and cocktail parties!

Richard Woods is a writer for KLIX, the vending machine service division of Mars Inc.

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