How Purses Changed From Utility To Fashion

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Handbags for women serve more purposes than just one. Although handbags are meant to help in carrying stuff along but now a day they have inclined more towards being a fashion. As the trend keeps changing, so do the designs. The latest designs come in slimmer and more compact shapes and sizes as in case of Wendy Nichol that serve lesser utility but look good to the eyes. Using hand bags as fashion accessories is not that old a trend, but fashion tycoons always seem to improvise by adding to the existing number of fashion items. They may have run out of items they can put on for fashion when they turned their attention to hand bags but either way; they do look good if they have been purchased in the right color and the right style.

Smaller Fashion Bags;Inspiration from Trend:

Smaller hand bags and satchel bags often come with shorter straps. These are the bags that usually are not hanged on the shoulder as commonly is in the case of handbags. They are more identical to sacs that are simply made fancy by adding color to them and some additional elements as a wavy cloth. They may have zippers on one side or both to keep a few items relating to makeup and the like but they do not serve any other general purpose but to just showcase the taste and color choice of the wearer.

These bags look very leathery at first sight although most are made up of a fabricated material. They have medium sized straps to help their carriage and added design at one end or both just to make them look prettier. At Wendy Nichol, these bags are available in leather brown and black colors and come in two sizes, the small and medium size. The amount to which they add to the fashion of the wearing woman, they seldom make a need be felt to fill them with something. As the bran targets women, so the element of fashion always overcomes that of utility.

wendy nichol vanderhurd bullet bag

Fashion Bags Inspired from Belts:

Who would have thought about bags hung from the waist of the bearer instead of the hand or shoulders? Fashion bags are now being produced in belted form; that being said they come with straps that can be tied around the waist like belts. This is an absolute converse of what hand bags were initiated for a long time ago but considering the element of people’s-demand-for-fashion in everything; designers have had this brilliant idea to let the hands and shoulders go free. For whatever purpose fashion bags are being designed by brands as wendy Nichol, they get tremendously appreciated by the using women.

wendy nichol belt bag black

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