A Girl’s Guide To Finding Her Dream Guy

dream guy

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day, but after transitioning into womanhood, many girls realize that true love is nothing like the fairytales they read as a child. Trying to find your Prince Charming may actually take some work, but it’s important for every girl to know that their true love is out there somewhere, and the following tips will help you find him.

Know what you want, but be realistic.

Every girl dreams of being whisked away by a handsome man with a boatload of money and being treated like a princess for the rest of their life. While it’s a nice dream, it’s important to understand that those hopes are not realistic. You should know what type of man you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you should know what you’re attracted to, but you need to be realistic. Instead of dreaming for the multi millionaire, maybe you should opt for the man with a steady job. When your standards are more realistic, you’ll have an easier time finding your Prince Charming.

Don’t stick with your type.

Most girls have a certain type of guy they’re attracted to, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always the right guy to choose. You may be attracted to that tall, dark and handsome type, but you should also give that funny, not-exactly-athletic guy a chance too. Your initial attraction may be based on appearance, but it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. You may find that the chivalry and genuine personality of the funny guy makes him more attractive than tall, dark and handsome.

Get active.

Being a workaholic or sitting at home in your PJs every weekend is not going to help you find Prince Charming. Take some time to get out there and meet people. Go out one night with your friends, join a book club or cooking class, or even sign up for a speed-dating event. When you get out there and socialize with others, you’ll be more successful in finding someone that you’re attracted to and that you share some common interests with. If you are a hermit, Prince Charming will never be found.

Look online.

The Internet is a powerful tool, and if you’re not having luck finding Prince Charming when you’re out of the house, then join an online dating site instead. Websites like eHarmony and Match are reputable companies that help to align you with others that share common interests. You can find people that you want to date, date them, and determine if they’re actually “the one”.

Be yourself.

When you meet someone, make sure to be yourself. If you act like someone else, you’re setting the relationship up for failure. You want Prince Charming to fall in love with the real you, not the fake you. If someone you meet is not attracted to what you have to offer, you don’t want to be with them anyway.

Don’t be desperate.

You may desperately want to find Prince Charming, get married and start a family, but you need to allow for this to take place naturally. Don’t become clingy to the first guy that gives you attention just because you so desperately want a relationship. This is not only a turnoff, but it forces you to put blinders on and miss any other opportunities that may arise that can help you find your real Prince Charming.

Kathryn Thompson is a prolific reader and romantic at heart.  She enjoys writing tips for teens on guy/girl relationships.


  1. “Every little girl dreams of their wedding day” If I can convince one person that I have never dreamed of ever getting married and that the idea of marriage never even occured to me, certainly not as a child, then I will die happy. Perhaps I should call into question my gender identity because I hear this generalisation a lot, especially from other women, and nobody seems to agree… it aggravates me.

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