Why You Need Bloggers at Your Next Event

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Wondering how to make the most of your next event? Whether or not you have actual press at the party, you should definitely invite pro bloggers. Why do you need them? Because they’re extremely vocal and influential. How do you get them there? Patience, persistence and, of course, a bit of research.

The Power of Blogging

Blogs are one of the most powerful sources of information on the Internet, even more so than social media platforms. Blog posts are excellent for PR for a variety of reasons:

  • They’re search-friendly because they naturally use SEO keywords and tags. That means that web surfers will find blog posts easily if they’re searching for information about an event. Plus, the more new content there is, the better the blog’s ranking on search engines.
  • Link sharing is a huge part of the community aspect of blog posts. Also, blog posts encourage back-and-forth conversations with readers, which is ideal for promoting something.
  • RSS feeds deliver new blog posts directly to fans’ e-mail inboxes.
  • Bloggers use social media to promote themselves. That means that the blog post that praises your event will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

How Bloggers Reap Reader’s Trust

Bloggers run their own little slice of the Internet, which means that they’re not really influenced by anything other than their own thoughts and opinions. Blogs that aren’t controlled by anything other than the owner deliver honest posts. This, in turn, gains reader trust. Think about it – if you know the blogger is writing exactly what they think without sugarcoating it, you’re going to take their word for it when they praise an event. However, you’re also going to believe the blogger when they slam an event that they hated.

Getting a Positive Review

Just because you’ve extended an invitation to a blogger, that doesn’t mean they’re going to love your event. Being accommodating and giving freebies to bloggers can’t cover up a crappy party. That’s why you actually need to deliver what you promise. You also need to invite the right bloggers, not just anybody from the area who writes.

You also need to give bloggers what they need when they get to your event. First, make sure to treat bloggers just as you would members of the press. They are giving you free publicity, after all, and their reach may even be larger than that of a local newspaper or magazine. Create a blogger-only lounge area and make sure the venue’s WiFi is working. There should also be electrical outlets nearby so bloggers can charge their smartphones, iPads and laptops to post photos and comments live.

Finding Quality Bloggers

Top bloggers in a similar industry will know a good event when they see one. Do your homework – research bloggers from your area who write about the type of event you’re throwing. Make sure that their style, tone and interests match up with what you’re offering. Otherwise, you’re not going to impress them no matter how great your event is. As your events become bigger and more popular, you can reach out to bloggers who are farther away geographically. At first, though, stay local.

Venuemob is an Australia-based website that connects owners of function venues with people who are seeking a place for their event. They provide an easy to use platform to look, compare and book function venues.

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