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Wendy’s clothing

Wendy Nichol

Wendy Nichol is a well known accessory designer in America with perfect aesthetic sense. She specializes in jewelry, bags and ready to wear collection. She landed in the designer market in 2007, she first introduced fashion rings. Wendy Nichol in one of her interviews expressed that she likes to add a punk vibe in her collections. Wendy Nichol has become a fashion symbol in America. She started off with pyramid rings then leather handbags, clutches, classy cuffs and then she moved on to designing clothes for urban women. Her products are amazingly handcrafted and simply one of a kind. She was featured as Wonderland’s designer of the week. Her ultra feminine clothing and accessories are favorites among women in all seasons and walks of life.

wendy nichol small satchel bag canyon brown

Handmade Handbags

The kind of rugged handmade In-Soho bags she introduced have become very popular among girls who love bags. The brand offers a wide variety of handbags ranging from rugged handmade to goat hair to simple coin purses. The stuff that is used to make handbags is highly durable. The textured, furry handbag is an ultimate desire of a woman. The textured and tasseled bucket bags are exemplary and ideal in its making, stability, and selection of colors. Enveloped clutches are not beyond the above mentioned types of bags. They have their own elegance and style. The palette used is super-unique, tempting and beautiful.



The jewelry introduced by Wendy Nichol is not at all typical it is outclass, eye catching and trendy. Mostly the jewelry is based on geometric designs. The main idea behind the accessories that she designs is like art pieces that are perfectly wearable for example she designed earrings with spikes on them yet they are manageable. The first thing made by Wendy was the pyramid ring. The way she styles accessories is simply incomparable. The use of the chic collection offered by this brand make a person look notable amid a bunch of people in any gathering. The jewelry is super-unique in design and use of material.

Wendy’s clothing


Wendy’s clothing is noticeable and something exceptionally beautiful, easily wearable and comfortable. Silk has been used as her main fabric and the palette used is quite soft consisting of these colors i.e. mint, blush, ivory, black and navy. The sheer apron skirts are highly elegant and pleasing to the eye. This show how creative is Wendy’s collection and aesthetically appealing at the same time. One truly can’t stand without giving a second glance to these accessories that Wendy offers. Which proves how outstanding the fabric, stuff, material and design is. Today the world of fashion has become too comparative; leaving a mark in this competition is really a tough task. But Wendy’s collection has left everybody behind in this, and provided the costumers with a suitable and stylish choice.

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