8 Tips For The Best Stay-Cation


With the unemployment rate on the rise and vacation expenses increasing every year, more and more people are trying out “stay-cations.” This is where you stay home while simulating a real vacation. It sounds silly but it actually works! The best part is you don’t have to stay in some crazy expensive hotel or pay outrageous prices to board your animals. You can come back home to sleep in your own bed and take care of Spot every night. Here are 8 tips from the pros for the best stay-cation ever:

1. Go to a museum, theme park, aquarium, or zoo. There is bound to be at least one of these educational, and fun, things to do in your city with your kids. See some gorillas or learn about some fossils. Either way, you will have a blast with your young ones.

2. Camp in the backyard. This is great for those warm summer nights. Set up a tent right in your backyard to have a pretend camp. Look at the stars, cook some smores, and tell old ghost stories with flashlights under your faces. Your family is bound to have a ball.

3. Go to a sporting event. It doesn’t have to be the biggest NFL game of the year or anything, but small softball games or little soccer tournaments can be really fun! Load up the van, bring your big foam finger, and eat a hotdog with your family.

4. Family recreational centers. Bowling, roller skating, mini-golf, laser tag. These things are located all over the place in your town. Go check one out that is appropriate for your little ones!

5. Go check out that water park you see every summer but have never actually gone to before. Slide down the giant tube and play in the wave pool. It’s a perfect, affordable way to cool off in those hot summer months.

6. Wine tasting. This is a perfect outing for you and your spouse while the kids are out with their friends. It’s usually not too pricey and it’s a great way to try some delicious wines with your main squeeze.

7. Community theater. Whether you want to see a kid-friendly production or an opera, your town probably has some rich theatrical performances.

8. Behind-the-scenes stuff. If you decide to check out a zoo or aquarium, look up their VIP tours online. Your kids won’t believe it when they get their very own behind-the-scenes tour of all the animals.

About the Author: Carly is a blogger for Forward Home Security. She can always be found at a local coffee shop hunched over her laptop, and loves blogging about home improvement, and DIY projects.

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