5 Male Celebrities Who Should Have Never Gotten Married


Anywhere you look on the internet, and even in popular magazines, there are features to be found with titles such as “Reasons NOT to Get Married.” Evidently, there are millions of people around the world who have either never read such a feature, or did so and decided that they wouldn’t do anything about the advice that they found.

Of course, marriages not working are an everyday occurrence, but when it happens to famous celebrities we tend to detach ourselves from reality a little bit and indulge in some unfair sniping and bitching in their direction. Rest assured, however, that all of the men on our list deserve the ridicule that is about to head their way.

Check out our list of the five celebrity men who should never have married.

Russell Brand

Where should we start when it comes to Russell Brand? Perhaps the way his marriage with Katy Perry ended was a kind of life imitating art story, given the character he played in the ‘comedy’ film Forgetting Sarah Marshall a few years ago.

At the same time, one has to question the wisdom of a guy who was nicknamed ‘Love Muscle Russell’ by the tabloid press in getting married in the first place. Clearly, he should have left well alone, no matter who he thought the woman of his dreams was.

Ashley Cole

What can you say about Ashley Cole that has not been said or written already? Clearly the Chelsea and England footballer has something of a roving eye, and didn’t bother to consider that the people he texted or slept with had a hotline to a gossip website or newspaper.

He has apparently fallen for a model, now, which we’re sure will go well.

Tiger Woods

There are certain questions that we will never be able to answer in life, such as ‘why do men who have it all seem ever so willing to throw it all away?’ That was certainly the case with Tiger Woods, who couldn’t save his marriage even with a grovelling apology on worldwide television.

Murmurings of Woods’ ‘reputation’ were around long before he married, but we guess as a global icon he thought it was the right thing to do. Still, at least his indiscretions allowed for some excellent news headlines, such as ‘Tiger’s Record 18 Birdies.’

Bill Clinton

Does ex-US President Clinton count as a celebrity? In our eyes he does, especially as he is another figure that has acquired legendary status around the world for his, what shall we call it, extra-marital activities.

A little online research shows that the Monica Lewinsky affair, and even the others that have since come out, was in many ways the tip of the iceberg.

Mick Jagger

We could argue that a world-famous rock star should refrain even from relationships, but Mick Jagger went even further and got married not once, but twice, one ending with a divorce on the grounds of his adultery, and the other being annulled as the service was deemed ‘invalid.’

A note to aspiring rockers – if you want to front one of the world’s biggest bands, marriage might not be for you.

Adam is an online content writer across a number of sectors, with a specific interest in new wedding trends, such as the increasing use of tungsten jewelry as an alternative to traditional metals.

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