Poll: What Song Would Drive You Crazy If Listened To On Repeat?

How do you fancy spending months and month on a secluded desert island? Sounds good?

What about if you had to listen to Axel F’s ‘Crazy Frog’ on repeat for the whole time? Less appealing?

Well, if the prospect of the Crazy Frog for company has put you right off, you’re probably not alone. According to a survey commissioned by Travelbag, Axel F’s hit single tops a list of the tune most likely to drive people insane if stuck on repeat on a desert island.

Based on this data, we can apparently conclude that Crazy Frog, which grinds the gears of 37.8% of respondents, is more than twice as annoying as second placed Gangnam Style (16.8%).

The respondents in this survey were all women aged between 18 and 35, it’s worth noting. We’re curious as to whether it would have yielded different results had men been included.

Which of these songs is most likely to drive you crazy?

The data for this infographic came from a survey commissioned by Travelbag UK.


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