The Top Spring Dress Styles


The world of fashion is always one step ahead. Even if buried in snow, vogue conscience shoppers should already be looking at cute dresses in styles and colors for spring. Fashion week has come and gone. Now it’s time to update your wardrobe to accommodate budding fashion trends on the horizon.

High Contrast Styling

Eroticism is part of what is trending this year in fashion design. This includes a touch of leather here and there on dresses. Fine designers like Helmut Newton are creating flowing forms in light colors such as pale gray. As a contrast, designs come with a leather harness and dark lace detailing. The result is a look that is light and solid in some areas than sexy and dark in others.

Leather and Lace

Following that same vein towards erotic but feminine dresses, designers are creating full leather looks with lace cutout sections. Dresses have sleek and slender lines that open up to expose just a touch of veiled skin. The location of cutouts vary, short sheath designs might show a triangle of flesh just under the bodice while longer dresses flash leg in celebrity style.

Scenic Attire

Fashion experts like Jack McCollough are creating looks that are works of photographic art. The goal is to inspire some warm weather fun with designs carrying prints of kids playing in pools, picturesque beaches and floating islands. The color schemes are aqua green with a smudge of white sands and sea blue waves.

The Pinafore Dress

The pinafore dress is big this coming season. This style takes schoolgirl chic and makes it grown up sexy. The marriage of these fashion elements produces a look that is fun and just a tad quirky. Dresses in pinafore style are easy to wear and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Modernized versions of this apparel classic are flush with leather styling or busy with eye-catching geometric designs.

What about Colors?

The colors for this season have an earthy appeal. Look for cute dresses in rustic olive, slate gray and cornflower blue. The flip side of the color spectrum popular for spring is striking tones like orange and cherry red.

The fashion world loves monochromatic dresses, as well as bold geometrics and floral. Designers are creating looks that are head to toe one color, but with a variety of materials to break up the style. A piece might have lace cutouts or change texture in middle but carry the same orange crush hue throughout.

Spring trends for 2013 are combining old favorites like the pinafore with some sporty new looks such as leather piping. Bright, earthy hues and flirty style are the rage this coming season.

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Heather B has always tried to stay up to date with the latest fashions and share them with others.

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