Couples Blogs: Lovely Or Lame?


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Call me soppy, but I have always been a sucker for those great love stories. Who doesn’t curl up under their covers at night clutching classic love stories to their chest, imagining themselves gliding about the dance floor with Mr Darcy?

Nowadays, more couples are choosing to tell the world about their own love stories – whether we want to hear them or not! They don’t come from feuding families nor did they meet in a glittering ballroom, but they do have a computer and internet access.

Love Taza.

Josh and Naomi Davis. Attractive, young and incredibly happy – this couple embarked on their blogging adventures in 2007. With the addition of two children under the age of the four, you would assume what began as a romantic and endearing blog about a newly-wed couple would have mutated into an account of despair, limited sleep and rebellious children. However, you would be greatly mistaken. The little cherubs, Eleanor and Sampson, prove to be as beautiful and exultant as their doting parents. Forget terrible twos and late nights, this family really are picture perfect!

Love Story Gone Global.

You’re in love, you’ve yet to settle down, and you’re adventurous. Why not go travelling? From the American-French couple who escaped the 9-5 corporate life in Me and Frenchie, to the globetrotting adventures of Cole and Adela; there’s a real abundance of blogs about traveling couples. Dissimilar to Love Taza, these blogs tended to focus more on the location the couple were in and their personal opinions. They provide useful information for potential travelers concerning both accommodation and where the best places to visit were. When it comes to blogs like this, I find they are much more reader-friendly. Not once was I admitted to the doctor with sentiment-induced nausea! In fact, Cole and Adela defined all that lovey-dovey stuff as “boring”.

Hurrah for the unromantic blogging couples!

The Eating Enthusiasts.

A yank and a Londoner sampling the delicacies of Seoul. Dull? I thought so initially. However, the Yank is a chef, so there’s a degree of professionalism to these posts. Tom Eats Jen Cooks, is very much a travel, photography and food blog rolled into one. There is enthusiasm and great passion to be found – towards food.

This blog could be likened to a written cooking show. Upbeat, pleasing to the eye and informative. Despite it being a couple’s blog; there is little, if anything, to be read about the couple themselves – although, for those who criticize sickeningly sweet blogging couples this could be a safe haven! Love Korean cuisine, less of a fan of romance? Tom, Jen and you could be the makings of a beautiful relationship.

Upon making the decision to read a couple’s blog, I assumed seamed stockings, love hearts and cupcakes would be sure to invade my screen.

Although, when perusing through these blogging couples many stereotypes were vanquished. They may have blogged as a couple, however; most of these blogs were concerned with a mutual passion for something and no – it wasn’t each other!  Whether they be lame or lovely, judging by their popularity amongst the cyberspace public, these blogs really aren’t as bad as they are set up to be. In fact, some I chose to voluntarily continue reading!

What do you think? Have you encountered any sickly-sweet couple bloggers as of late?

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Grace is a student with a passion for writing and loves nothing more than to snuggle up with a cup of tea in the evening, dreaming of finding her Mr Darcy. She loves beautiful lingerie, romance; and enjoys writing about relationships.

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