Top Story: The Top 5 Coupon Websites


There’s no getting around it, it’s a culture of E-commerce. Even as the crowds continue to swell and surge during the annual Black Friday sale, an equal amount of people are scouring the Internet looking for any and all deals on everything from socks to smartphones. And throughout the year, most people prefer to do their shopping online.

Just as there are many online retailers vying for business, there are an equal amount (if not more) of coupon and discount sites looking to arm savvy shoppers with price cuts and incentives. These websites are so abundant, in fact, that it can be a full-time job for bargain hunters to sift through the sheer amount of options in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So in the interests of trimming the fat, here are some of the best online websites offering discounts, coupons and rebates.

This site provides everything: sales, discounts, printable coupons, free shipping deals and more. The unique factor regarding this site is that all discounts on RetailMeNot have been submitted by users, which makes it a coupon site created by the people, for the people. Users can browse by category, price, store, as well as see lists of the day’s best deals.

FatWallet is similar to RetailMeNot in that it offers an abundance of deals, discounts and coupons, all procured from the furthest reaches of cyberspace. Where it differs from its competitor is in the fact it offers a juicy cash-back rewards program. Those who want to take advantage of this cash incentive need only to sign up and create a free account. Users then make purchases via the site and cash is added to the account – provided the retailer is a member of the program as well.

The idea of a website offering only a few deals per day may seem counterintuitive to many bargain hunters. But upon closer inspection of Woot, it’s obvious they are presenting some real steals. Indeed, the site searches long and hard to find and present staggering savings on everything from laptops to cupcake makers. The mass popularity enjoyed by the site is also evidence of its effectiveness in the world of coupons.

Oftentimes, comparisons can be just as crucial to saving money as coupons. This is because nothing stings more than getting excited about a recent purchase only to see it on offer somewhere else for less money. PriceGrabber allows users to search for different items and compare prices against the same items on offer at other online or brick-and-mortar retailers. This site will tell the user just where to go to find the lowest price for the item in question.

It’s not just the retail items that are oftentimes more attractive at discount prices, but the shipping costs as well. In fact, FreeShipping offers printable discount  — or occasionally even free – shipping labels right from their site. Even if the user buys a certain product at retail price, the discounts offered by FreeShipping should make them feel like they scored a bargain nonetheless.

The above options should cover everything the intrepid discount hunter needs when planning that next shopping spree. In fact, by utilizing all the sites listed above, there’s little reason to pay

Jason Benton is a personal shopping assistant who loves hunting down a good bargain. Jason enjoys sharing his tips on shopping websites. Learn more about Cheap Sally coupons for saving on essential items.

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