Top Story: The Skrillex Hair Style – The Shaved Side of Head Fashion

Cher Lloyd

Along with technology, trends and fashion are also adapting to new horizons. Things are changing so fast that it becomes hard to keep up now a days. If you are not attending high school right now, then you are most likely behind the new style updates like myself.

There happens to be a new hair style out right now that will make you drop your jaw. It consists of females shaving only the side of their head on one side of hair. This way, the girl has her pretty hair on one side and kind of over laps it a bit on the shaved side. At a quick glimpse, your mind might think of it as some sort of a medical condition. But second glimpse will confirm just to be a very extreme looking haircut.

Where Did This Idea Hair Cut Come From?

A man that goes by the stage name of Skrillex is where this idea rooted from. He won two Grammy awards last year for his insanely viral music surfacing all over the Internet. The style of his music is called dubstep and is a sub genre of the electronic music style. It is done using computers and sound devices.

His music is crazy popular all over the world and enough power to win him two Grammy awards last year in 2012. He has this haircut and has pretty much coined the entire idea of this haircut. People around the world look up to Skrillex dubstep and want to be like him.

How Society Reacts to Skrillex Haircuts

Women have never really been seen in society as having no hair or missing parts of hair. Since the dawn of time, for a woman to be a beautiful model, she must have a head of beautiful hair. Times are changing and this haircut is evidence to that. People are going to look at you differently, but it won’t be to a negative level as it would of 40 years ago.

Tattoos and body piercings are pretty much a way of society now and new things like this hairstyle aren’t going to slow us down. If us humans are good at anything, its only caring about ourselves we do best. If your haircut doesn’t effect me then I don’t care if you have it. Women can get very far with pushing fashion boundaries and still being drop dead gorgeous. Individuality is what is what makes a person attractive along with their unique style. This could be a huge part of one’s unique style.

Moral For the End of the Day

Instead of worrying about how weird he or she’s haircut is, maybe take a second to think of how you can diversify your style from the other millions of people on the planet. If your going to talk badly about unique styles, then I can almost guarantee you that your style is super boring itself.

This author Christopher Weber is a huge Skrillex fan and really enjoys a new style to the fashion world coming through the music industry.



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