Women’s History Month Spotlight: Dr. Dawn Karima Pettigrew, PhD

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Name and Occupation:
Dr. Dawn Karima Pettigrew, Ph.D. Native American Music Award Nominated Recording Artist 2013 host of A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA author, THE WAY WE MAKE SENSE & THE MARRIAGE OF SAINTS model, filmmaker, actress

What do you love about being a woman?
As a Native American woman, my culture and traditions are the focus of my life. I am a stomp dancer, shell shaker and women’s traditional dancer at powwows. In my tribal culture, women are considered sacred and enjoy tremendous honor as life givers. Cultural preservation and cultural survival is imperative and I am thankful to know ceremonies,songs,dances,prayers that are specifically for tribal women.

What do you hate about being a woman?
As a multifaceted artist, I truly enjoy my career. Yet, unlike men, I must also be aware of the biological clock. I wish I had more time.

Who influences you?
My Creek/Cherokee mother, grandmothers, great-grandmothers,aunts and our traditional elders provided me with the teachings that shape my worldview. Now, I am influenced by the future generations, who make me aware of what i must do in order to insure cultural survival for them.

Something about you that would surprise people?
I love my life tremendously, but I truly do want to get married and start a family. My dream is to raise a good Native family that practices our culture and traditions.

Anything else you`d like to add?
My CD, THE DESIRE OF NATIONS, is nominated for two Native American Music Awards and that it’s being considered for the Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards as well!

Listen to A Conversation With Dawn Karima


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