3 Simple Ways To Save Money

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that money is tight for everyone at the moment and it has become an everyday struggle just to make it from one payday to the next. However, even in these tough times it is important to still do the things that you enjoy otherwise life can really start to get you down. In order to do this, you may have to make changes and sacrifices in other areas of your life but it will ultimately be worth it in the long run.

One up side to the current situation is that we are effectively all in it together and therefore you should be able to get moral support from other people around you. It also means that there are money saving tips everywhere online, just like this one, that will help you get to the end of the month without having to cut out the things you enjoy doing.

Shop Online – Have you ever wondered why supermarkets space the convenience items at different points around the store? Well it’s a sneaky trick that means you have to walk all the way round and are therefore you are more likely to spot something else you fancy.

Online shopping has been around for a while now but it stills seems that most of us would rather visit the stores ourselves. This is all well and good but you could make substantial savings by doing your monthly shop on the net. This way you are less susceptible to the tricks that supermarkets play to get you to spend more and will be more inclined to just get what you need. You can also see all the special offers in one handy section rather than hunting for them around the shop.

Enjoy A Staycation – The staycation is something that is becoming more and more popular and provides a great alternative to spending a fortune to travel abroad. At the end of the day, in the tough times that we are experiencing at the moment, any sort of break is a welcomed one and you will get to see some of the beautiful and interesting places in your own country. Travel costs will be significantly less and you won’t have to worry about losing money needlessly in exchange rates.

You can even take you’re two week summer holiday that you would have had abroad and split it up over the year. This way you can see many different areas of your country and you get more regular breaks from the stresses of everyday life.

Ditch The Car In Favor of Rental – There are over 31 million cars on the road in the UK alone and each and every one could be costing its owner money that they don’t have to keep it running. When you way up the cost of insurance, road tax, maintenance and the increasing petrol prices; running a car for just a year can really be a major drain on your resources. Therefore, with the idea of saving money in mind, you should have a long think about whether you really need your vehicle.

Shorter journeys can be replaced by public transport or just by travelling on foot and for the one off longer journeys there is always car hire. Renting a vehicle for whenever you need it rather than running one full time will work out a hell of a lot cheaper and will help reduce carbon emissions in the process. Car rental in the 21st century really is a viable alternative to owning your own vehicle.

If you regularly use your car to get to work then you can still save money by selling up and enrolling in a car sharing scheme or pooling together with some of the other people in your office.

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Chris Mayhew reguarly has to budget his expenses and is working for Collison Vehicle Rental. Chris is a regular user of car rental schemes and thinks they really can be a great alternative to running your own vehicle.

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