Top 5 Hairstyles To Try In Spring


1. Hair scarf
A style often seen worn on ‘America’s Next Top Model’, this hairstyle is becoming more and more popular and has been spotted on many a runway as we start to approach spring. This style is all about the scarf, so make sure that you choose it wisely. Keep in mind that brightly colored scarves will easily glam up your look. SO, firstly, take your scarf and fold it until it is a lot smaller, between 3 and 5 inches wide. Then, ensuring that your hair is nicely brushed back, place the scarf a few inches from your hairline, making sure that you have an even amount of scarf at either end. Pull the ends together and tie the scarf at the back of your neck. To ensure the scarf doesn’t come undone or slip off, try tying a double knot.

2. Tousled bun
A style that seemingly never goes out of fashion, the tousled bun is the perfect look for work, for going out with friends or even on a catwalk! This style is best worn on those who have medium to long hair. Start by blow drying your hair to give it some extra volume and depth. Then make a deep side parting, sweep your hair back and tie your hair into a ponytail. Divide your hair into two segments and then, after giving your hair a spritz of hairspray, tease the segments to create a tousled look. Next take one of the segments and tuck it underneath where you have tied the ponytail. You then need to wrap the other segment around the base of the ponytail, securing the ends once you’ve run out of hair. Make sure it doesn’t look too neat.

3. Soft waves
Perhaps the easiest of the spring 2013 styles, the soft curls style makes their wearer look relaxed and uncomplicated. This style is the perfect one for wearing on dates, as although it looks extremely pretty and stylish, it doesn’t look as if you’ve spent hours on your appearance. After all, no one wants to look like they’re trying too hard. Start by giving yourself a centre parting and then use some hair spray to smooth down the front of your hair. Using a straightening iron, take an inch of hair at a time and loosely wrap it round the iron, holding it in place for a few seconds before releasing a nice loose wave. Keep doing this until you have used all your hair.

4. Scruffy braid
This is a style that has been steadily growing in popularity throughout the past year and is set to explode in spring, nicely leading into summer 2013. It’s the perfect style whether you’re going to the gym or you’re heading to work. Start by washing your hair and then towel drying it roughly. Finish off any particular wet bits with a hair dryer and add some hairspray. Then, quite simply start braiding your hair, taking care not to braid it too tightly. The idea here is that the style should look lived in, not perfect so do not worry about any loose sections.

5. Low ponytails
This is a style that works best on medium to long hair and also looks really good when worn with a hair scarf. Try it out when going to work, meeting your friends for a drink or even on a date. Start by giving yourself a center parting and then blow drying your hair to give it some life and adding some hairspray. Using a straightening iron, straighten the rest of your hair so that you can easily pull it back into a loose ponytail. The top segment of your hair should now be fanned out slightly. You can check to see if this has been done correctly by how the style looks from the front, as you should look as if you have had a bob cut. This style is therefore a great causal style to suit any occasion whilst also being a great way of seeing if you’d suit a bob cut, without actually making any cuts to your hair.


Laura writes for Supercuts hair salons about the latest hair care tips and trends. When she isn’t blogging about hair she’s either down at her local gym or walking her dog, Cheese, in the park.



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