Infographic: Who Are The World’s Richest Musicians?

Today’s music industry is nothing like it used to be. Sure, you can still by genuine vinyl or CD albums from many different artists to relive the old days, but by and large, most of the new music consumption of today is digital. In terms of profit, this digitization of music has translated to very different profit margins for musicians and record companies when it comes to sheer album sales. But the thing is, the music industry has adjusted to this digital revolution, and as a result, the smartest and most resourceful musicians have still found ways to make money – lot and lots of money – in other ways than just selling albums or going on concert tours. Whether it is being a spokesperson for a popular product, investing in or building their own business, designing clothing and accessories, or, most significantly, investing in real estate, the world’s richest musicians have shrewd ways of making themselves into millionaires. Check out this infographic to see exactly who are the world’s richest musicians, and how they made it all happen.

This infographic was produced by BearShare, the world’s leading free and legal file sharing software. Millions of music fanatics get great free music from BearShare.


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