How Not To Lose Your Twitter Followers


Twitter is here to stay and it is carving itself as a leader in marketing and communication. Therefore, to succeed in the social media realm, having more followers than your competitor is a necessity. As a result, every blogger out there is either talking about how to get more followers on twitter or how to buy twitter followers. But no one seems to consider how to keep these followers. In this article, we give you tips on how not to lose your twitter followers.

#1 Stay Natural
What this means is that using automated conversations should be a taboo. Real Twitter users can sniff automated conversations from a mile away and you do not want to be a culprit of such activities. There is nothing wrong with trying to improve efficiency in your conversations but the use of automated tools will definitely bring your downfall. Therefore, make sure it is you or a human conducting conversations on your Twitter wall.

#2 Be Inquisitive
The last thing any twitter follower wants is receiving links to your blogs. To keep your followers, prove that you value communicating with them by asking them questions on various matters. This way, your hard-earned Twitter followers feel you want to build a communication relationship with them and will pay you with their loyalty.

#3 Be Quick To Respond
There is no worse feeling than asking someone a question and having to wait for ages for a response. With the high competition in Twitter, when you fail to cater for your followers, someone is always on the hunt to replace you. If your followers ask you a question or comment on your wall, make it your duty to respond. This could be the difference between losing and gaining more Twitter followers.

#4 Use Hashtags
Research findings show that Twitter has an upper hand over Yahoo and Bing combined in regards to search queries. Therefore, you cannot ignore the importance of hashtags in twitter. By using hashtags, all posts about your business get aggregated thus making it possible for you to track your online presence. As a matter of fact, tweets that make use of hashtags receive twice the engagement than those without.

#5 Avoid Mistakes In Your Tweets
This tip applies to both Twitter and other social media platforms. You need to understand that most of the users here are educated and unless you do not want to get more Twitter followers, you must be ready to take your time before posting your tweets to ensure good judgment and accuracy. English may not be your native language but that does not give you permission to write grammatically incorrect tweets. If you want people to take you seriously, make sure you tweet in clear and correct language.

#6 Share News From Your Followers
Social media is all about scratch my back I scratch yours. To receive you must be willing to give and vice-versa. Therefore, make sure you share some of the information like the links your followers are sharing because at the end of the day, we need each other to spread the word. By scratching your follower’s backs, you increase you odds of acquiring similar reciprocation.

Roman Sahakov is the founder of FollowersShop Social Media Marketing Agency. He enjoys playing with his son, listening to music and writing about Social Media Marketing tips and tricks. He always contributes articles on how to get twitter followers. He is a great leader for FollowersShop.

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