Healthy Snacks That Will Make You Feel Full


When dieting there will be many occasions where temptation to stray from your strict diet will be high. Some of these problems include becoming bored with the repetitive nature of the diet, finding yourself in a situation surrounded by temptation or something in your day changing resulting in you no longer having time to fit a meal in. However, one of the most common problems that people dieting report as the reason they were tempted to break their diet is not feeling full enough. This is a problem as when your body is telling you it needs food, for example by your stomach grumbling, it is extremely difficult to ignore it as it is your natural instinct to give your body what it needs.

But, when this feeling arises there are ways to counter it without deferring from the diet you are on. The best method to overcome this problem is to eat healthy snacks that will keep you feeling fuller for longer so this situation never occurs in the first place. There are many diets out there, for example the one found on, that are formulated to keep your body feeling fuller for longer. However, this article will outline a number of healthy snacks that will keep you feeling fuller for longer no matter what diet you are following.

Natural Yogurt
Natural yogurt is a great option for keeping your body fuller for longer whilst being healthy at the same time. It is a fantastic choice as you can add almost anything to it to make it taste just how you like and to prevent snacking on it from ever becoming boring. Some suggestions to try out are walnuts, honey, a handful of berries or a few tablespoons of low calorie sweetener.

Rice Cakes
Rice cakes have a reputation for being tasteless and having a dry texture. This view leads a lot of people to disregard them when it comes to having a healthy snack. Sure having them on their own does not provide a great deal of taste or a wonderful texture but they aren’t meant to be eaten on their own. There are plenty of toppings you can serve them with that will give them a taste you appreciate. A few starting suggestions are low fat cream cheese or some smoked salmon.

A Handful of Nuts
Okay, so this suggestion isn’t the most creative of snacks. Nonetheless it is a perfect snack for suppressing hunger. The reason for this is that they are packed full of fiber. Fiber digests slowly through your body staying in the stomach for a lot longer than many other sources of carbohydrate. This makes you feel fuller for longer, meaning you are a lot less likely to want to indulge on snacks.

Hummus With Carrot Or Cucumber Sticks
Hummus is a wonderful filling snack. This is due to it being made from crushed chick peas that are really high in fibre and are therefore slow digesting. Snacking on hummus by dipping either carrot or cucumber sticks is even better as they contain a small number of calories and a high percentage of water. The water within these vegetables works alongside the fibre to keep your body feeling fuller for longer. A good tip is to make the hummus yourself in order to reduce the amount of oil it contains.

Any of these suggested healthy snacks will keep your body feeling fuller for longer. No matter what diet it is you are following, one of these snacks, or a variation of one of these snacks will be able to be included in your diet. Good luck with your diet!

Healthy Snacks That Will Make You Feel Full – This guest post is by Steve Tasker. Steve is an aivid health freak who is constantly thinking about perfect health hacks to encourage more people to get stuck into healthy living!

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