Great Spring Gifts For The Man In Your Life


Now that Spring is around the corner, it’s time to get the man in your life a little something special for the season. Valentine’s has passed, the Holidays are a distant memory – but there’s still one gift that got away. What did he really want but didn’t get? Chances are, you might never really know, but you’ll win major brownie points if you wrap up one of these under-the-radar gifts without him ever asking.

Tailgate Toss

Between cornhole, ladders, washers and that wacky Frisbee toss – a new tailgate game is invented every single year. The coolest guy in the lot is the one who has it first. Give your fella a few extra social points by getting him one of these pre-game staples. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve already got tickets to the game.


There is no better beer buddy for outdoor barbecues. Much like a game system, this gift could be competition for your man’s attention – but at least you’d know you got him what he wanted. Not quite as under-the-radar as the others on this list, a kegerator is practically a guy’s bare necessity. Too basic? Slap an LED display on there and call it a gadget.

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth is in everything these days. Car stereos, headphones, keyboards – maybe even the golf GPS. But often overlooked is the Bluetooth speaker. It’s a boom box without the awkward adapters. Easy to sync with a wide range, these devices allow your phone to play music to an entire room, tailgate or beach party while it’s still snug in your pocket.

Golf accessories

It’s easy to dress up a golf bag with club head covers and a new box of balls, but you can really take his game up a notch with golf GPS. He’ll have all the advice of a caddy in his pocket – raising his game, lowering his handicap and bragging all the more to his buddies. And who will he have to thank for it?

That’s right. Spring to a tee.

Board Shorts

What good is summer without swimming? Get your man a stylish pair of shorts that both you and he will like and he’ll really appreciate it. Let’s face it, chances are he won’t shop for new ones on his own, and this will definitely score you bonus points without offending him if they’re not his style.

Let’s face it, even the least mushy guys out there love gifts; and with the season changing, there’s no better way to get him ready, just because you care. Because while he’s busting his gut at the gym to get ready, you can show him how much you care by getting just a little something extra.

Sadie Mclain is part of an elite group of writers that contribute guest blogs to many online publications.

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