Every Girl Needs A Pair of Designer Shoes


In Marilyn Monroe’s day, diamonds were a girl’s best friend.  Today things are different and although no woman in her right mind is going to turn down a sparkling diamond ring the size of a duck egg, diamonds have their limitations (for example, you can’t wear diamonds everywhere or you might be mugged).  But this is not the main reason why the average woman has different things on her ‘must have’ list.  The real problem with diamonds is that they are extremely expensive, so what is a far better alternative?

Designer Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

Every woman loves shoes, especially designer shoes.  Sexy shoes look great, they make your legs longer, your calf muscles look toned, and they are the perfect accompaniment to a slinky little black dress.  Sadly designer shoes are often very expensive and only celebrities can afford to have dozens of pairs of Louboutins in their closet.  Most normal women can only afford to buy one or two pairs of designer shoes and have to make do with cheaper versions the rest of the time.

Shoe Envy

So what happens if you see a beautiful pair of designer shoes in a shop window and you know they will look perfect with that sexy dress you bought a few weeks ago?  Thankfully you have some options at your disposal, although not all of them are recommended!

How to Acquire Designer Shoes

Save up – probably the most sensible way of buying anything, but not a great method if you are horrifically impatient (like me) and you have a party to go to at the end of the week.  Saving up the cash also means that you might end up missing out because someone else bought the shoes instead.

Credit card – this is by far the most common way of buying expensive items when you don’t have the money to hand in your current account.  Putting the purchase on a credit card is the ‘buy now pay later’ way of acquiring something nice.  You can either pay by card or take out a cash advance, although the latter is a lot more expensive.  Just remember that you do have to pay the loan back!

Personal loan – if you don‘t have a credit card, you could try asking your bank for a small personal loan instead.  Since the credit crunch, banks are a bit more discerning about who they lend money to, but as long as you have a good credit score and you can afford the repayments, a small personal loan is feasible.

Payday loan – a cash advance in the form of a payday loan is perfect for those who are not eligible for credit via any other means.  This type of loan is expensive and the interest rates are a lot higher than other forms of borrowing, but as long as you are confident you can afford to make the repayments, you shouldn’t be charged any extra fees.  It is also worth pointing out that a payday loan is cheaper than going overdrawn on your bank account, so bear that in mind before you purchase those shoes on your debit card when you know you haven’t been paid yet.

Ask your boss for an advance on your wages – when you have a very understanding employer, one who appreciates the importance of a good pair of shoes, you may be able to beg a cash advance on your salary.  However, if you have only been in the job for a week, it is better not to go down this route.

Beg your boyfriend / husband – this is most likely to have a positive outcome if your birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day is imminent.  You can take him shopping or give him detailed instructions about where he can buy the shoes from – if you adopt this method, give him a picture of the actual shoes, plus a note of what your shoe size is, just to make sure you end up with the correct shoes.

Steal the shoes – this is a completely immoral way of acquiring anything, so before you pop down the shops with a very large holdall and a fast pair of running shoes on, think very carefully about what the repercussions of your act of madness could be – designer shoes do not accessorize well with prison clothing!

Jasmin Blunt loves sexy designer shoes because they look so much better than cheap and nasty shoes.  Unfortunately she can’t always afford to buy the shoes she wants, so she has to come up with innovative ways to obtain a cash advance instead.

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