Infographic: American Big Media is Rolling in the Dough

The 10 most profitable media companies entertain more than 300 million Americans. Comcast made the most revenue with $55.8 billion, followed by Walt Disney with $40.8 billion and News Corporation with $33.4 billion.

More people watch CBS than any other network, with 12 million people tuning in per week. Gannet is the largest newspaper publisher, printing 85 newspapers with 7.2 million subscribers. Clear Channel owns more than 850 radio stations with 110 million people tuning in weekly. Viacom’s Paramount Pictures produced the movie Titanic which has grossed $2.2 billion since its release in 1997.

Time Warner owns CNN, HBO and TBS. More than 50 million people visit Time websites every month. The most watched TV show ever, Super Bowl XLVI, drew 111 million viewers. Disney’s Avengers movie made $1 billion in the first 19 days. More than 560 million people watch Disney channels. Fox News Channel is the most watched news channel in the world. The top selling daily newspaper is USA Today with 2.3 million subscribers.

Source: Best Communications Degrees


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