5 Life Boggling Questions That Are Still Unanswered


There are many questions that human beings have pondered, but overall these are the 5 most frequently asked and still unanswered questions of our time. This does not make them more important, it only suggests that our species has a more vested interest in them individually. So take a moment to consider each one and see what meaning it has for you, as an individual in the universe today.

1. Is there a God?
This is one question of great debate. It begs us to answer many other questions when asked, so that maybe why it holds such great significance. Both those who believe in God and those who do not, each equally has vested interest in answering this time honored question. The odd thing about this question is that most believers would only accept that God exists, while non-believers would only accept the opposite, and so the answer is more important to each than the question being asked. This is blind faith being demonstrated most literally.

2. How did the universe begin?
This is the question that brings up a great deal of debate in science, religion, and philosophy. If ever answered, it may bring about incredible changes in how the human species sees itself and it’s place in the universe. The origin of the universe may hold the keys to our place in the cosmos, but also how life came into being. All of humankind has asked this question over the course of history itself.

3. When did human beings come to exist?
The debate over creation versus evolution has been asking this question for some time now. Eventually an answer will probably come forth, but it may not be the one that either side is hoping to find. Finding proof as to when human beings first came into existence could reshape all modern thinking. It is also the one question that has the greatest meaning and importance to human beings.

4. Is there other intelligent life in the universe?
This is the question that seems to be asked more out of curiosity, but still the answer would solve many debates and other serious questions. Science, religion, and philosophy would all like to find an answer to this question. The majority of modern thought would be either proven true or reshaped based on this one question being answered. Therefore it is of great significance to all of humankind, yet is the least likely to be answered anytime soon.

5. What is the meaning of life?
If our species ever answers the greater questions of existence, it is likely that this one question will remain unanswered. The meaning of life or our purpose here, this is not something that stays static over time. The meaning of life for humankind is an ever changing state, or set of variables. So it is not something that will probably ever be answered, at least not in it’s entirety. Even so, it is the one question that is asked by almost everyone that has ever lived, and will continue to be asked in the future by human beings.

Written by Ben Adams who tries to answer some life boggling questions from African perspective at answersafrica.com

One comment

  1. Q1) YES Q2) IT has always been Q3) no one Knows Q4) yes Q5) each will find their own answer life is not one size fits all!

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