What’s Wrong With Sagging?


In case you didn’t know, sagging is the practice of wearing one’s jeans or trousers below the waist to reveal part or all of the underwear beneath. This fashion statement is a common sight everywhere you go but I really can’t imagine why! Where did this strange habit appear from and why do its practitioners think it is a good idea?


I believe that sagging may have its origins in the United States prison service where belts are generally banned in case they are used as a weapon or a means to commit suicide. Due to the absence of belts prisoners’ trousers have a tendency to drop revealing their under garments. The look seems to have been liberally adopted by those seeking to make a statement about personal freedoms and culture and was popularized by hip-hip performers in the 1990’s.

The Look

Whatever the origins of the look, sagging seems to me to be rather unpleasant and antisocial. There is absolutely nothing attractive about a male posterior hanging out of a pair of jeans and the style simply smacks of laziness and lack of personal pride. I am all for new fashions and have rather enjoyed some of the more reactionary looks that history and culture have thrown up but this one I find a complete mystery. I wonder if the saggers realize that their look makes their legs look short and out of proportion and their impeded gait smacks of a penguin shuffling to reach the sea in a rush. God help them if they have to run in an emergency it would make Happy Feet look like Fred Astaire! The potential problem with the concept of sagging was amply illustrated recently by the widely released pictures of an Egyptian rioter vigorously hurling rocks at the police whilst his jeans dropped to his knees.


The truth is that whilst saggers obviously think they are really cool the rest of the world does not. Reactions range from mild dislike to outright offense and now the practice has become the target of legislation in an attempt to encourage young men to pull their trousers as well as their socks up. Some transportation companies, schools and airlines in the United States have banned low flying pants from their properties and vehicles. I think banning sagging is a bit of an overreaction as the only thing that can ever be harmed is an onlooker’s sensibilities but I do wish that the fashion would die out in favor of something a little more attractive.


There is now a diverse and exciting array of jeans and trousers available to buy which flatter the various body shapes and provide comfortable and cool day wear at an affordable price. It is slightly odd that these styles should have been rejected in favor of a fashion which is the very antithesis of flattering, impedes the simple act of walking and which none but the wearer actually admires. I guess there is no accounting for taste.

Sally Stacey is a blogger, content writer and business woman who truly dislikes sagging jeans.

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