Warning: These Dances Are No Longer Cool


If there is one thing you should know about dancing it is this; not all dances are created equally. The following dances are the kind of moves you should avoid and head straight back to your seats or the bar when the music comes on.

Hey Macarena

The Spanish band Los Del Rio released their hit song The Macarena in 1994 and it became an international cult hit between 1995 and 1996, when the music video featuring The Macarena dance exploded on to TV screens worldwide. Anyone who ever went to a nightclub, wedding or any other social event involving music in the 90s will have at one point participated in a group Macarena. There is no doubting that this was an enjoyable experience, but it is now time to let The Macarena rest in peace.

Slide to the Left

Where do we begin with The Cha Cha Slide? This dance phenomenon truly did take over the world. The 2000s would not have been the same without DJ Casper’s Cha Cha Slide. The song was masterful in part as its lyrics were simply dance instructions. This enabled everybody who understood the English language to participate, even if they had never heard the song before. Thankfully nowadays however The Cha Cha Slide has fallen well down the pecking order for DJs, apart from Casper obviously!

Reach for the Stars

There used to be two things I would reach for when this song came on, one would be the remote control if I were in charge of the music selection and, failing that, the other would be a drink. S Club 7 had a number 2 hit with Reach in 2000, however if you thought the music was the worst thing about this song then you clearly haven’t seen the dance routine that goes along with it. Thankfully the success was short lived, but it can still creep up on you at a party if you let your guard down.

Was it Really Fun to Stay at the YMCA?

The Village People released this hit song in 1978 and people have been eagerly copying the dance routine ever since. The song was a UK number 1 in 1979 and more than 30 years on it is still considered a classic by many music thought leaders. However, if you catch yourself cornered in a dance floor and YMCA comes on, I’d suggest making a quick dash for the toilet to escape. By the time you return the world will have returned to normality.

This list is by no means complete, there are many more dance routines that have been kick started by one hit wonders, films or kids messing about on YouTube nowadays. However these four are the ones which I try my hardest to avoid in social settings these days, despite previously being a willing participant.

Our guest author is Mark Fitzgerald, who, despite having strong opinions about less than cool dancing, isn’t exactly Mr. Cool either! He’s a freelance writer from the UK, contributing today on behalf of Dancewearcentral.co.uk

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