Top 5 Reasons Marrying A Nurse Is Like Winning The Lottery

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Fortunate enough to be dating a nurse? If so, that partner could really be a keeper. If there is any chance of taking this relationship all the way to the altar, pull out all of the stops. A nurse, male or female, is one of the best partners one could choose while traveling through life. A marriage with a nurse is like winning the jackpot at the lottery, a pay out that will continue through the years and have more benefits than money ever could buy.

Here are five reasons to say “I do.”

Talk about compassion.

A good heart is at the root of nursing. No one goes into the field simply for the money. Long hours, sacrifice, and the pain and suffering of others come with the job. Dedicating one’s life to the care of others means having a level of compassion that goes beyond the norm. Nurses have a strong desire to help people, to comfort, heal the sick, and provide essential aid. Imagine having that in a sidekick.

You will be in good hands.

A nurse has magic in his or her touch. After years of education, what skills a nurse must have at his or her disposal. Nurses have the main goal to join forces with others in the healthcare field with the motto, “Do no harm.” They know how to handle with care. The same could hold true when it comes to hearts.

Health will be a top priority.

nurseNurses know all the ins and outs of taking care of the body. They are more likely to live a healthy lifestyle and promote it for their families. Eating well and getting exercise, while avoiding bad habits, will be easier with a nurse at the helm. Nurses are great at tackling a cold! Also, if there are any warning signs of a major problem on the horizon, a nurse will have the knowledge to nip it in the bud or get the appropriate help.

A nurse knows how to listen well.

It is part of a nurse’s job to be an excellent listener. A nurse needs to hear what a patient says, pay attention to symptoms, and look for any signs of discomfort. These are wonderful skills to cultivate in a relationship. Most people will say that the ability to listen is one of the keys to a successful marriage.

A nurse will be able to handle the rocky road of life.

Everyone knows that life is not a bed of roses. The happy, golden times are wonderful. However, there will be dark times in every life as well. A nurse will have the resources to ride out the storm. It doesn’t hurt that nurses also make a substantial living, have to be hard-working to be successful, and can go anywhere the wind blows to find work. If circumstances in life require a move, a nurse has many options available. When stressful situations arise, nurses are good at carrying on without becoming frazzled. The little troubles in life will not become a big stumbling block in a relationship with a nurse. Nurses deal with life and death. The relatively calm atmosphere at home will be a blessing. Choosing a nurse will mean having a strong, stable foundation for a marriage.

Author Bio: Denise Douglas is a family practice nurse and guest author at Top Nursing Schools, a site with ratings and reviews of online nursing degree programs.

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  1. Only a selfish opportunist looks to marry someone who has more to offer them than they do to the other person. I know many RNs who have been taken advantage of in this regard and continue to suffer the effects of their ill fated decision to marry long after the marriage is over.

  2. Bullshit! Marrying a nurse is like being locked away from the rest of the World. Your nurse spouse and your life just ends. 19 years of marriage, 12 with her nursing, and it’s been nothing but misery for 12 years! The first five years were wonderful then some porcine sow gave her a pamphlet and “you deserve” speech and our life became a living hell!

  3. I hit my jackpot on May 12, 2012. I married the love of my life who happens to be a nurse. I would go to the ends of the earth for her. She is a treasure and I love her.

  4. The post regarding marry a nurse “jackpot” potential poses much supposition, and positive-washing. First, a healthy nurse in all aspects would never assume an identity based on a profession or career; nursing is what she does, not who she is. With that in mind the aspects of a nursing profession guarantees none of the five attributes presented. I have experienced many nurses in my past work experience as a Nurse’s Aide in a P.A.C.U., a Special Care Worker in Mental Disability Care, an HCA in Long Term Dementia Care, and the son of a Clinical Nurse Supervisor. The people who are nurses, come from all walks of life, from all situations of life, from all mental capacities, emotional capacities, and spiritual capacities. These people who are nurses can have both attractive and unattractive characteristics, touching all aspects of life both savory and unsavory. My recommendation is don’t quickly set your eyes on a label as a good potential mate, but be sure to ask tough, curious, honest questions, so you get to know who the person is, no matter what profession they practice.

  5. Interesting comments. I’ve been an RN for 30 years and an NP for 10. I make great money (California Bay Area salary). I eat well and pay attention to my entire family’s well being. I am also on consult 24/7, for rashes, hives, mysterious GYN name it. What surprises me above……our profession can’t spell. The majority of the comments are riddled with “your” vs “you’re” etc. The LPN above is the worst and is clearly upset because he isn’t a “nurse” in Maryland, however his writing is appalling and I suggest his anger is misplaced. If he is as unprofessional in person as he is via the written word……I suspect this is the case. Perhaps the rigors of an RN education are not for him?

  6. I agree a 100% .but sometime we forget our own problems and social life to be there for a e.m.s/c.n.a/h.h.a .and single waiting for the rite person to come alone.i find myself more comfortable with people in similar field

  7. i think many of those who chose to nursing as a career are great people. however, as human we all have limitation on how much crap we can take in a day. after a day of emotional bs and hardship how much patience and understanding is left for the spouse? hardly any i would imagine. still they are good people, but are than other in a relationship? unless they stop being a nurse the moment they enter a relationship and choose a less emotional filled job, then no, they are not better than others =o

  8. Agreed you don’t go into nursing for the money, but let’s not kid ourselves; we make way over minium wage. And even in the south, with a lower cost of living, you can still make $80,000 a year just working one prn day a week, and that’s straight out of school. Do we deserve more money for what we do, for sure. No need to put anybody down. Doctors have their niche and we have ours. But when I’ve spent 12 hrs a day with a patient and an internist didn’t even spend 5 min, and he decides to question my diagnosis or suggestion about what’s going on with a patient that is crashing. Sorry, but you don’t know more of that patient than me, and yes I do expect you to act on my lead and suggestions on what should be done. Having MD after your name doesn’t make my opinion any less valuable. Yes we are all flawed, and no not all nurses are caring, but lets not forget there are different forms of caring and how to show it. Lastly, after a long stressful day at work, the least thing you could do is give us at least some space and a little time to wind down and decompress from all of the drama and stress of a 13 to 14 hr day. My wife understands this, and over the years has learned to give me those few minutes I need after I get home from work.

  9. Different nurses have different personalities!

    OR nurse: Antisocial, enjoy cold environments, egocentric
    Cardiac: Energetic, enjoy codes and being the hero
    ER Nurse: tough, action seekers, egocentric
    OB Nurse: Love babies, IQ may be slightly lower
    Nurse educators: determined to make a difference or cannot cut is as a floor nurse
    Ortho Nurse: Love being a part of recovery
    Nursing home nurse: Love their patients, or get fired a lot!
    Clinic Nurse: Love being social, cush job for those who cannot take physical demands
    Outpatient nurses: Love 9-5, tend to get bored easily since job is very repetitive
    Nurse managers: Control freaks and ass kissers, unless appointed by employees
    Dialysis: Close attention to detail

    We are here to help, we are not slaves, or maids. If you can do it yourself, you bet your ass your going to!

    Everyone will have a different opinion of the nurses they have encountered. But what they don’t realize is that your brains are wired to remember the bad things. What about the good?

    Nurses tend to be harder on their loved ones since they are not ill! When you see dying people and sick people you realize that no one else has any excuses!!!

    Nursing is demanding on mind, body and spirit. And be nice to everyone, they could be your nurse one day! Also we saw you naked, haha just saying!

  10. I’ve been a nurse for 26 years. As a man, it’s a bit different, but generally I agree with all the good points you mention. However, the flip side is that nurses do not take care of themselves. It is part of the same psychological makeup that gives us the desire to always help others that we don’t consider ourselves and often suffer for it. While it may be great to be married to a nurse, the people that nurses tend to marry are often self-centered and demanding and a surprising number are addicts.Once you have learned about yourself and learn to care about yourself, then the benefits of being in a well-paid and vital profession can really be appreciated. The back pain is forever though.

  11. WOW! Aj, i’m Shocked at your your powers of deduction on dustins marriage but i’m fairly certain he knows a bit more about who he was married to than, well, you. I don’t know to much about you but here in maryland we have these strange and wierd nurses called LPN’s who’s starting pay would likely be right near emt pay. Now I know that few on here consider us LPN’s to even be real live nurses but, ill be damned if that old board of nursing doesn’t.


  13. It’s a pity that being with a nurse in the NHS means they will be underpaid, undervalued and underappreciated so that they become ill, are spat on and abused by patients and will end up struggling by in later life with a bad back and a poor pension for their efforts. I love my nurse but I know that her job negatively affects our family life and that looks like it will never change. Shame on the politicians who will pay for the best care with our money in later life and will probably never fully appreciate what these brilliant people actually do for our country.

  14. People aren’t taught at uni or anywhere else to care . Caring comes from within a person , so if being nurse allows people to provide that care , then so be it . I don’t think by attacking what we do is caring and wholistic to any person . We are after all human from all walks of life and experiences . Doing the best we can to make a difference .

  15. As you can see not all the nurses are these type.

    You will notice that nurses are the most vulnerable with it comes to relationship. The author did not know very well for sure because the author is a family nurse which is not a heavy work at all.

    I have the fiance that is a nurse that you should be careful in everything that you do after her work. That is of course, the work is very stressful. You have to watch your acts and words coz it will make or break her day. If you are to be with her after a days work, you should pamper her that is the best thing you can do because you might be the only person that she is expecting, depending and believing who can understand and comfort her.

    As you can notice she is taking care of other needs, so in your part you should take care of her.

    I love her so much that is all folks.

    I can say the two individual should have their part in keeping their relationship working great in times of troubles and happiness.

    Have a good day to all! Keep your relationship with love and understanding

  16. As an RN for four years, I can tell you that I am constantly running up against shocking instances of nurses who lack the empathy, intelligence, or the compassion that you seem to think comes with the professional territory. Sure, we tend to be more kind and well-rounded than your average doctor, but I think we can all agree that isn’t saying much. The majority of the nurses I know want to “help people”, but often don’t seem to have much of a concept of what that even means. Like most healthcare professionals, we aren’t given enough context to life’s suffering, and as such, genearlly just get confused as to it’s root causes, and try to find meaning in laboring around the edges of our patient’s biggest problems. This leads most of my co-workers to believe, for right or for wrong, that the world “is what it is,” a higly cynical saying which is probably the most commonly heard saying within my hospital’s walls. Nurses often end up with a distinct belief that people can’t change, that it is only worthwhile helping those who help themselves, etc. At this point, having gone into nursing with the sole desire to approach the world’s problems and people’s suffernig through compassionate caring, I see the only real benefit to the career as the schedule and the pay. In fact, this is what I am addicted to as a nurse. I would love to work my way into a field where I can actually help people and address some basic injustices, but the schedule and the pay at the hospital are too enticing to just trudge off in a new direction.
    As an afterthought, many nurses are horrible at caring for themselves, often due, I believe, to a very low level of self-worth. So, if you are looking for a partner that you can walk all over, who has a lot of free time to take care of the house they bought for you, and who can genearlly be manipulated into taking more responsibility and blame then they deserve in any situation, an RN might just be the perfet partner for you.

    Joseph Hufford

  17. As a nurse for the past 40 years, have dealt with all aspects of life and death suicide and murder. At the end of the day we are all human, lose patience, feel unwell but still show up for work, take snide remarks from doctors put up with supercilious senior nurses, take verbal abuse from drunken patient. See babies and young people die, try to comfort the parents and families, sometimes cry with them. Some nurses do not have happy homes to go to as well, they still turn up each day for their shift, I agree some nurses should,nt be nurses, but they do their job, maybe with not a lot of compassion. I myself would not change my nursing life, I love to give care and compassion to people, As someone said try to walk in our shoes. Jean

  18. I never comment on this stuff, the narcissism and grandiosity makes me feel like humans might actually just need to start again. This has tickled my nerves enough to add my 2 cents. I am an RN in a small hospital, every day I see a nurse save a doctors butt. I’ve watched a nurse run a full resus while the doctor started bawling because he didn’t know what the f*** he was supposed to do. The consultant showed up, the patient was alive thanks to the nurse, his job was to now chart the medications the NURSE had given. I question medications charted by doctors who have charted METFORMIN instead of METOPROLOL. Stupid is as stupid does. There’s stupid doctors and stupid nurses but Einstein was stupid so hey. I have the best partner in the world who couldn’t be prouder of me, I am full of compassion and love for him too. My life couldn’t get any better, i earn enough to do the things i love yet Ill never be one of those w*****s with a huge gate at the front of my big lonely house. I love all of the members of the MDT, everyone has their shining moments. I am not overweight. I dont smoke. I go to work because I love people. (In saying that if i nursed some of you leaving negative comments on here id shove 10 enemas up your butt and put you in a crowded room) Did i mention I’m always classy too?

  19. wow alot of negative comments, we all have good and bad traits, nurses are not exempt from this….still alot of good ones out there…

  20. And, you still don’t see the heart of my point, so we’re even. You’re making judgment calls. Just because someone smokes it does not mean that they are not capable of being a nurse or that they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Sounds crazy, right? I know, but we’re not our jobs…we “do” our jobs.

  21. No, I won’t be okay. You still do not understand what I am saying. How can someone be promoting a healthy lifestyle if they smoke? Imagine being a patient who is a heavy smoker and needs to cut cigarettes out to improve, how is that patient supposed to take that nurse seriously if they then go and smoke? You can’t be promoting a healthy lifestyle if you’re a smoker. Obviously they don’t all smoke, however based on my personal experience, a substantial amount do.

  22. So, if they use body spray after they smoke you’ll be OK? By the way, not all nurses smoke, so your argument is for a certain group of nurses/people.

  23. It certainly does effect me when I am a patient and they wreak of cigarettes, or if I am out and am exposed to second hand smoke. I am a very understanding and compassionate person and I practice what I preach. However your point was that they promote a healthy lifestyle and I was disputing that.

  24. Live and let live. If they wanna smoke, they can smoke. It does not affect you. The point is they smoke because they’re stressed. Outside is the ONLY place they can and should smoke. They don’t need the health and morality police (YOU!) telling them what they should and should not be doing as people. As a teacher you should be more understanding.

  25. I’m an English teacher, I get stressed too! You don’t see me smoking out the front of the school I work at though. It sends a horrible message. I don’t think it should be a matter of “would you rather they have a drink?”. Why does it have to be a “would you rather” scenario? Those are not the only 2 methods of resolving stress. Besides, a glass of wine will do you much better than a cigarette.

  26. I don’t know about nurses promoting a healthy lifestyle. Every time I go to the hospital there are packs of nurses smoking out the front!

  27. Ah hahaha!!!! Having dated 2 nurses in my time – i laugh hysterically at this. while im sure that these traits may appear whilst they are at work, they don’t so much show them at home….. if they are ever there….. and if they are, they likely have their uniform still on with the day/nights worth of patients vomit/blood/faeces etc… Oh and dont forget the really sociable shift times they get to do so you never bloody see them, and when you do, they are so tired that no fun can be had. Oh, and lets not be forgetting the stories – everyone comes home from work and has a story. A nurses’ story is not one you will wish to hear over your breakfast or dinner i can assure you of that!

  28. Wow… it hurts my heart to know we all are judged based on negative encounters with a few. I do understand some frustrations but not all of us are careless, inconsiderate, cold, clueless, and any other adjective you want to add. I apologize for my profession if you did not receive the care you thought you deserved. My advice to all, speak up for yourself during your care if it is inadequate. We all have supervisors..
    “Its not what we say, its how we say it, and how it is perceived”.
    Again, my apologies…

  29. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were all true? I have been in very bad health for almost 5 years and some of the nurses I have dealt with have wrecked havoc on my life! Compassionate? Good Listeners? Put health first?? Not quite. In my experience the thing they are best at is complaining and making the patient feel like they are an inconvenience!

  30. Just want to say that NOT all nurses are as said above; so as other professions. Some are NOT even meant to be nurses but unfortunately they are. Same applies to other professions.
    Also, it’s an absolute crap and BS if people think nurses don’t think and only wait for doctors order. Give me a damn break – we did not go to UNI and study for freaking 5 years as BSN or 3 years as BN And not to use what we’ve learnt. Excuse me sir/madam. That’s spoor understanding about our profession. Clearly those people are ones who are absolutely ignorant. I have met few of those people who thinks being a nurse is 100% physical job. Yeah right might as well not study at all ey? It’s a combination of mental/physical/emotional/spiritual perse’ that’s why it’s called (w)holistic. Shivers! ESP if you’re working in a critical care area such as ED/ICU/HDU, u don’t wait for the doctors at times, u actually tell them an suggest to them what needs to be done. And so people who haven’t worked as a nurse – please don’t even think you know us and what we do and how we do it.
    PS: people have different capacity in terms of knowledge, skills and wisdom. Which means if one of the many nurses you have met is not as good does mean that everyone will be the same. STOP! Stereotyping. (Sigh). I’m not mad! I’m just trying to explain!

  31. These comments are ridiculous — Doing it for the money.. Ha!! There are 50 other careers I could have chosen that would pay much, much more and require none of the emotional and physical labor that we put in as RNs!

    You think we are just drones that “do what we are told” and nothing else? Do you think we wait for orders in those times of emergency? Just wait for the physicians to come until it’s too late? No, we have a mind of our own and we use it. We give medications not ordered if it’s going to save someone’s life. We also make specific suggestions to the medical team (what meds they should order, what specific tests may benefit them, etc.) and inform them about the patient’s condition as they only get a small glimpse of that patient’s 24 hour day.

    Live as a nurse for a day if you aren’t one – you have no idea. No. Idea. None. Have you cared for a first time mother waking from a coma with tears running down her face after having a hypertensive stroke and miscarrying her 8 month old baby in the bed (with you finding the baby in the bed)? How about someone coming out of a coma to realize that they are paralyzed? A family watching their 17 year old (for pediatrics, much, much younger) daughter’s heart stop multiple times? No, I highly doubt you have.

    Which, on that point, is why I fully admit I can be quite cranky and not as caring when I get home from these types of shifts! On days off I’m sweet as sugar though. ;)

    A cute list!

  32. I’ve dated a few nurses and their lack of medical knowledge was eye-opening. What was worse was their willingness to try to BS about topics they are unfamiliar with instead of just saying, “I don’t know.”

  33. Wow, it sounds like a lot of the respondents here are just bitter, burnt-out, selfish human beings. Those who are either nurses or were in relationships with nurses and comment about how we Lack compassion or cheat on our husbands/wives are full of Sh**! Some humans lack compassion and commit adultery, so yes, I’m sure there are nurses that do the same. And SHAME ON YOU, you Trauma nurse or Med-surg nurse that claims to have been in the profession for 5-10 years and is hateful. Best find yourself a new career if you still haven’t adjusted! I’m a neuro intensive care nurse and I, and all my co-workers (docs included), pour our hearts out everyday to try and save our patients. Many die anyway, and we grieve. We are compassionate, we do go above and beyond and we do a job that most could not. It takes a huge emotional toll it takes on a someone to spend days caring for a 30 yo woman who’s 26 weeks pregnant who eventually progresses to brain death, then having clean her corpse and put her in a body bag, is unimaginable to those not in our field. My point is, the original post is ALL true. You can find all those wonderful qualities in MOST nurses. But there are always exceptions to the rule, and the negative, nasty nurses above have proven that.

  34. I have read the comments on this blog and all are very interesting I don’t think it matters if you marry a nurse or a sign flipper, if there is not respect, and love in the relationship nothing will work. As for money….RNs, EMTs, Police Officers, Teachers etc…don’t nearly get paid enough for what we do, we all work hard to make a difference in just one life everyday, and yes our work is a thankless job no matter what it is never enough either we didn’t smile or we didn’t answer your light fast enough or we didn’t make the doctor give you pain medication to go home with or the blanket was not warm enough or you didn’t get a pillow, please think about what you are doing and saying here we are just for he most part paid babysitters and waitresses or waiters.
    Our job is not easy and we are all not like Nurse Jackie and ER is nothing like it is on TV so before you slam nurses or other healthcare professionals I challenge you to come try to do my job and you can see for yourself it is not what you think. A lot of us hold things inside because we have to, we are not able to debrief at work so guess who gets it….. our families, being married to or living with a nurse is not easy an never will be and I can say this because I am a nurse I have been a certified trauma nurse for over 15 years, in that time I have been married and divorced several times, we as nurses are strong will, independent and usually type “A” personality and not everyone is cut out to handle our “kind”, so next time you think you have hooked onto the “money train” because you got yourself a nurse think again, and yes we do care about our families health but truthfully if they are not holding grey matter in their hands there is no sympathy, we over analyze and obsess about issues and the details boy can we get you with details and we never forget.
    We took an oath to do no harm but in the end the ones we do harm are our own families, they suffer the most.

  35. I cannot believe the negative comments on this site. R U kidding me!!!!!. I am a dialysis nurse, dealing with death and dying. The dialysis patients and their families. I do believe in end of life, not especially for my patients, but for the families also. Why should ANY of us suffer??? especially when we have a choice to accept treatment or our right NOT to??? A nurse does more than any other medical provider, being that the nurse is the first there in a situation to evaluate and diagnose or assess a patients initiale presentation of distress. Nurses are the ones who communicate with the Dr’s about the patient. Without nurses where would medicine be??? As in NYS you will need a 4 yr degree by 2020. Obviously people outside of medicine do not and will not ever understand what a nurse does for YOUR loved one and you in the time of need. We skip our meals, don’t urinate, or even take a break in our 14-16 hr day, so we can be there for our patients and their families. When we finally get home to OUR families, we are sooo burned out and exhausted, our families pay the price, for nurses loving your family member.

  36. Dustin,
    If your wife made more as an EMT than as a nurse, I have some news for you:

    You were married to a nurse assistant. Not a RN.

    Other details from your post confirm this. Not knowing what your wife does for a living is Perhaps why you “were married” to a “nurse.”

  37. Was married to a Nurse, she later became a EMT with a freakin $.06 raise, yes! 6 CENTS is all she got at for her raise! And MORE HOURS at WORK! Health/injury that sucked too! As for her for eating healthy, phewy! That never changed the way she ate! lol I was on her more than she ever was me about my eating! And the long hours, OMG She had to pull 48 hours sometimes at the nursing home she works at because of call ins in the winter! And at $8.30 and hour you know that overtime at time and a half was great! YEEHA!! So we never seen each other, there was no family time, not at home anyway! She spent ALL her time with everyone else’s family! She hurt everyday when she came home after being on her feet all day and NEVER wanted to do crap but rest! So I guess as most people have said here, this article is all horse crap! A big reason we WERE married! But still remain good friends.

  38. Hahahaha, seriously??? Your lab assistants aka vampires of the hospitals are the ones that work hard and deal with A LOT of BS…some nurses are good and some are lousy, some belong in the profession and others don’t. Don’t knock yourself out nurses you aren’t the ONLY great one in the medical profession, there are definitely others who fit the bill more than you.

  39. Some of these comments made me sick to my stomach. Wow! I have been a nurse for 47 years, traveled the world, and haven’t always known that I was making a little difference in horrid circumstances. Wow! Really???????

  40. This was a cute dedication to nurses. I am a nurse and love my job, most days anyway! But I can say this at the end of the day I have little compassion and patience for my loved ones at home! And yes i look after my health and my families but im sure my partner is sick to death of hearing-u will get diabtes with the amount of sugar u eat, dont eat that pie u will suffer from a MI, get out in the sun or MS will hunt u down! If they get sick I often provide little empathy or help as they are not as unwell as people I care for every day.
    But deep down we are good people but are often so spent at the end of the day to live up to this article. I wish I could though! Something to strive for!

  41. I am a nurse for almost 8 years…but all I can say is nurses are bitches…in a real world

  42. Clearly this author has never worked in healthcare. There are tons of nurses who do it for the money, and are nowhere NEAR as compassionate as you think… The medical field is rife with egotistical jackasses, and nurses aren’t exactly exempt.

  43. I am a nurse I am very proud of what I do! I’ve sacrificed my life to learn how to save yours!! So if you don’t have anything nice to say keep your hands off of the keyboard! And the next time your “higher up” physician screws up your medication overdosing you remember that it’s the “lower staffed” nurse who catches that mistake and saves your butt!!! So show some respect to the men and women who have made the choice to take care of you.

  44. Don’t tell me my job is Cush until you go 14 hours without peeing or eating than at the end of a busy day you get to look at a family and tell them their loved one died.

  45. Long hours…yeah, like three shifts a week, and 1.5 times wages for “overtime”. Truth: “the pain and suffering of others come with the job”…strong emphasis on others…RNs got it cush, at least the unionized ones.

  46. I’m a male nurse and married to a FEMALE nurse. We are human just like everyone else, give me a break!! We are not always good and kind. Docs are the same with exception of that errogant asshole Duckdoc, stupid mfer!!.

  47. Thanks for the article. Nice to be appreciated for all our hard and emotionally draining efforts. I do however think that it can actually be difficult(our work) for other people to understand. Sick sense of humor, low tolerance for bull, etc.

  48. some people doesn’t understand our job and so negative. I’m a nurse for 15 years since I was 21 y.o…. I even rarely taking my break in 12 hours shift working(probably 10 minutes eat my lunch or eat lunch while doing paper works) and holding my bladder longer coz I prioritize my patient first…. While driving, before to bed and at church I always think about my patients. I even lost my first pregnancy for prioritizing my pt first than myself.

  49. Well said Nurses are the bomb but we are just humans to and have our ups and downs like everybody else; but just think we can manually disimpact you and talk about dinner plans at the same time so yes we are quite the multitaskers!!

  50. Wow.
    Dangerous Lee, please know that I found no offense in your article, and actually thought it to be very kind and refreshing. I started to read a few of the posts below, but quickly realized it was a breeding field for sad, bored, miserable people. In the hospital we just call security if these individuals won’t listen to reason, but here on the internet, the barriers are a bit more lax. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m a CCRN in the CVICU at one of America’s top hospitals in the nation. It’s a non-profit by the way, so the whole “doing it for the paycheck” can be crossed off the list.

    As for individuals taking offense to using Blink 182’s cover from Enema of this state, I have 2 things to say: I LOVE BLINK!!! haha. Secondly, GET OVER YOURSELVES! Until you work a day in my shoes, and work with my co-workers, laugh with us like it’s an episode of Scrubs and cry with us after a patient died, often way too young, please keep your mouth shut, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. You can’t take life seriously all the time. You’ll burn out, and die on the inside. A little levity is always welcome. Always.

    This little blog was meant to be a cute sweet way to say thank you to nurses. No doubt there are some bad apples out there, but do the research and you will see that nurses are STILL the most trusted profession. Period.

    Lastly, the fellow who doesn’t want to listen to his wife/girlfriend complain about her day. You sir, are an asshole, and your wife deserves better. That is all.

    Thanks for playing folks!

  51. Okay so… I hav eread each and every comment on this blog. I have to say that I am a nurse and I do my best to be compassionate, kind, skillful, and knowledgeable. That being said it is incredibly insulting to the nurses who walk into work everyday with the purpose of healing, teaching, and caring to be demeaned as much as I have read here. To be said that “RNs are only good on their back” or “nurses do not care about anything but there paychecks” is too broad spoken. There are nurses who do not belong in the profession but by generalizing us all you are demeaning the ones who do care about you, who will go to the hospital on their days off just to see how you are doing, and who love what they do just because it is the right thing to do. If you want to complain about the nurse who are in nursing for the wrong reasons, okay. But please have respect for those of us who are in it for the right reasons.

  52. What a load of tosh. Never hrard so much rubbish in all my life. I was married to a nurse for 17 years. Two affairs, 5 kids and £50k of debt..good riddance i say. 10 months lata my life has never bin better

  53. That’s your perspective and opinion and we definitely can agree to disagree. I respect your feelings and I appreciate your respect for women and nurses, but we just see things differently. I do play an active role in tackling sexism, racism and many other ism’s. You don’t know me just as I don’t know you, so you wouldn’t know that. I am a woman, unlike you, and I don’t think an image of a model pretending to be a nurse from the Blink 182 album cover is inappropriate to use or that it is detrimental to women or disrespectful to the profession of nursing. As a women I’m not offended by it. You’re giving this image too much power.

    This is not a website where you’re going to see sterile images with the articles. Visit Web MD if you want to see that! We have a sense of humor and fun here. Pushing the envelope is encouraged here. I think the image fits this article perfectly because the article is written in a humorous tone. BTW: Most of the readers who have left comments are taking this article way too personal, but it seems that nurses are a very hot topic that brings out passion. If more of her cleavage were showing or if she had been bent over sticking her ass out I would not have used it for this article. I used this image because of it’s pop culture appeal and because I like it. This is my website and if I like it, it goes!

    Lastly, you’re continuing to ignore the fact that another, more realistic, image is also attached to this article. There are two more actually, the other is from the show, Nurse Jackie. Using more than one image was also done on purpose; to show different sides. You are correct that I am looking to draw an audience and this article has definitely played a part in doing that, but I absolutely do care about how people are portrayed. Have a look around and read more. Thanks for the feedback!

  54. Thank you for your response

    You the publisher should have more of an active role in tackling sexism and not perpetuating it. What you describe as ‘saucy’ is detrimental to women and the profession of Nursing. We will end up agreeing to disagree about the messaging you make with this image, your looking to draw an audience regardless of how you portray people.

    Oh and to clarify there are a lot of sexy, attractive people in this world, some of them are nurses. That doesn’t mean we have to disrespect them with inappropriate images depicting their profession.

  55. I, the publisher, chose to use the image that you have a problem with, not the writer. I’m sure you can see that there are two images being used in this article. One is “saucy” and the other is “typical”. I appreciate you as a man having an opinion on the first image demeaning women, but with all due respect, you’re visiting The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. Things are often unconventional here. And, I’m sure there are tons of sexy nurses in the world :)

  56. Agreed with you article, but the image at the top only serves to sexuality and demeen women and nurses alike. I have higher hopes for a fellow nurse in how they portray our profession.

  57. I am sure there is a level of bias here, as the author of this article is a nurse himself.
    But in all fairness, I do have few comments here, which might contradict to the opinion of the writer and some of the readers.
    P.S. My partner is a NURSE…!!!!

    1- Talk about compassion.. Where there is no doubt in my mind there is a level of compassion being exerted by nurses, however; don’t neglect the level of nagging about it. When you find your partner nagging about how long hours she/he had to put in this week, and what a pain in the ass this patient was, and you feel like: Hey Lady.. It Is Your God Damn Job, so DEAL WITH IT..

    2- You will be in good hands.. Yeah, there is no doubt about that, but I am afraid your stuff will not be in good hands, as nurses are proven to be the most reckless beings on earth outside the comfort of their job… Matter of fact, the more I think about it, I think that the word Nurse means, The Destroyer Of Things in Ancient Greek…

    3- Health will be a top priority.. Now that will go to the extreme of your partner asking you after you use the lavatory: How was your poop… Who the hell wants to talk about their poop for God sake?
    Normal people poop and flush, they don’t take pictures with their poop afterwards, nor they contemplate on the texture and colour of their feces…!!!!

    4- A nurse knows how to listen well… But many she also pays too much attention to details. Imagine your partner coming after a long shift home, and you are being polite as to ask her, honey, how was your day, and you get a detailed information about how sick people really are. How many catheters she had to put, how many children with cancer, how many old people with problems defecating and what she had to do to help!!!
    How many Colon-scopes she had to assist with, WITH DETAILS… For Fuck Sake… I don’t want to hear about the intrusion of another person’s colon…!!!!

  58. Responses!!!
    Imagine my surprise to find that the person who wrote this blog IS a nurse. ((Sarcasm))
    Obviously this person is trying to “sell” themself well to another human… I however AM married to a nurse! lol

    1. possibly true, however, money is a LARGE factor in the matter as well
    2. pretty sure they’re still human & fall prey to normal daily life grind, including hurting their loved one’s feelings on more than one occasion. Consider this, they’re so worn out from ALWAYS CARING about others, they’re “spent” so to speak when they get home. They’ve already poured out all their compassion & care on others. Strangers, no less. Often, there’s nothing left for you
    3.Baahahahahahahahaha. How many nurses do we ALL see that are practically walking cigarets?! Not to mention, the majority are overweight & usually on some type of medication for issues that could be solved by this healthy lifestyle you speak of! My spouse is addicted to diet cokes (which are deadly) & again, “too spent” usually to even consider exercising! Oh & fast food is usually a daily meal, if not more than once a day
    4.Again, they spend all day long listening to people. They are human after all, they have needs as well! Often nurses are stressed to tbe max & need to decompress. Everyone decompresses & de-stresses in a different way. Usually, when my spouse is off work, lots of time is spent on the smart phone
    5.I repeat. Nurses are still human; not a superhero immune to normality. Strong stable foundation for marriage, just like any other, lies w/ having a deep commitment to you. (the spouse or soon to be spouse) That commitment also has to be on your part, for when they are “spent” from caring about all these ppl in life & death situations. Imagine the stress of that alone! Basically, you are the one that will work extra hard to “make things work” cause they just won’t. Sure, they love you, but their care & compassion bucket is empty after a long shift of sick ppl. If you aren’t the one instigating everything, you’ll have a long & lonely road being married to a nurse. & that, my friend, is the truth.

  59. “Your god” – I will sleep soundly tonight fantasising about how I can make your life hell the day you walk through my hospital’s doors!

    Sleep tight :)

  60. I Agree with Dr. Dipshit Pete. RN’s r good laying on their backs lol. This article is complete c r a p clearly written by someone who doesn’t have first hand exp with the fragile egos of RN’s. You guys are drones, you do what ur told by higher up, its a mindless job, no thinking involved. 95% of the nurses I know should be let go but then again, i would hate the world also if i had to clean s h i t. Its always funny to me when they compare their 2yrs of training to 4 yrs in med school and 5yrs of surgical residency. Clearly I see a comparison lol. And to the female doc that is dating an RN, shut ur face cuz clearly you can’t date ur equal or might I say your superior hehehe

  61. This is a joke. This blog was clearly written by someone who has never worked anywhere near a nurse. While some are very compassionate and fit all this, youll find these qualities in any career field. This imaginary belief that nurses are these perfect angels is the exact reason they walk around like theyre untouchable and can do whatever they want without so much as recognizing there are many others who play a different, but equally as important, role in their patients lives. I wish they would take a moment to look at the CNAs, Physical Therapists, Respiratory Therapists, Dietitians, Social Services, etc. because these jobs literally were created to take the stress off the nurse and decrease their workload.

  62. Response to many of the comments: I am a nurse – and definetely NOT for the money- because I have never made over $36,000 in the 13 years that I have been a nurse– and that is working FT and OT….I was called to do this, born to do this…. And response to another previous comment..I am an Army wife- my husband was in Afghanistan for 16 months and had dodged 3 more deployments..we have 3 kids. Give your wife credit- it is hard working and taking care of kids while you are gone for so long. And when you are home on leave your wife wants some if your time and attention…Give her love and she will give you respect. Just like she doesn’t know what you go through over there, you don’t know what she faces here without you…
    To all of the other comments….. Nurses who retire in their 70s who have been nurses for 40-50 years are usually not the lying, cheating, doing it for the money kind……

  63. Clearly this is not about ER nurses!! Jesus!!! Compassionate! Haha who the hell are you kidding!? Patients treat nurses like shit!!! Being a nurse sucks! It’s the most thankless job at times! I put in OT and no one notices… I save a life and its expected… No thank you’d… No good job… Just another day in the job! Who ever wrote this was high!

  64. CRAP!! I AM A NURSE AND CAN TELL YOU, WHILE THERE ARE MANY GREAT, CARING AND COMPASSIONATE, MANY ARE NOT — many that do it “just for the check” because they obviously don’t give a damn about their patients. MS JANE DOUGH MISERABLE TEACHER LADY: WE DON’T GET PAID NEARLY ENOUGH AND NOT NEARLY AS much as you, apparently, think we do. BUT I WILL AGREE, TEACHERS DO NOT EITHER!!!

  65. Compassion? Marry a teacher. Unpaid, but still do it. Nothing like working after work. Nurses get paid to do this crap. Gets paid well, too. That’s why they’re throwing long hours in this shit.

  66. LOL…I am a nurse and this stuff isn’t true. We may be required to be excellent listeners but that doesn’t mean we listen well. We don’t even have time to listen to all our patients’ problems. “Health will be a top priority” HAHAHA A lot of nurses are smokers, eat unhealthy foods, and go out often with other nurses for some “drinks”. I could go on and on. There are benefits to marrying a nurse but trust me, it’s not comparable to winning the lottery. I’d rather win the lottery.

  67. A cute read, although my spouse would probably not agree with three of the five points. The fact is, nurses are as diverse and as varied in values as anyone else. Like so many careers in this world, not everyone could or should do it. Good nurses and good doctors recognize that the two professions accentuate the other. Nothing benefits a patient more than a smart nurse and a smart doctor who work together.

  68. im proud being a male an accountant.she is lucky coz,i will hundle her with dignity as i hundle icu patients.this aplliea to other professionals but more evident in nursing.

  69. I read this to my wife (an R.N) a few minutes ago. She still can’t stop laughing!

  70. Not everyone goes into the nursing field b/c of their passion for caring, alot did it for the reliable job and paycheck alone. Think on that. It’s a diverse field, which means it attracts diverse personalities, I don’t believe you can summarize them in an alike category. I personally feel sorry for anyone that asks their significant other “nurse” for a glass of water after work, b/c she/he will feel like throwing it at them after a 12hr shift of taking care of sick whiney fussy patients and pompous doctors. The nurse may just want silence, to get their feet up, and stare at the wall happily after most shifts. There’s no compassion left at the end of the day, that’s when it’s the nurse’s turn to be waited on and have their cup filled back up. Just food for thought…

  71. I read this article and was entertained by it. I am currently dating a male nurse (I am a female physician) and I think that it’s just my guys personality that clicked with mine and it’s not because of his personality. I, personally, have a lot of respect for nurses(my mother, sister and brother are RN’s) and I have a lot of close friends who are nurses. I have dated a male doctor too and that literally bombed (but I think it was because of our personalities(I’d like to think he had a problem) that just didn’t work well together). Anyway, article was entertaining, comments were even more entertaining because I don’t remember reading anything about doctors in the article but for some reason people are comparing nurses patient care to doctors.

    All I know, regardless if you’re a nurse or a doctor, treat your patient as if they were your mother, father, brother, sister. That’s how I did it throughout med school and that’s how my boyfriend treats his patients too. You should not just have “sympathy” for your patients, but having empathy is even better. Because you’re putting yourself in their shoes. And I believe that in a relatioship, if you want it to work, you don’t find ways to prove who is right or wrong, you find ways to “make it work”.

    Nurses rule, doctors rule… We’re a team! Doctors don’t have eight arms to be able to attend to a patient alone and neither does a nurse. A team… Just like in a relationship, you’ve gotta be a team to work and to last.

  72. DocMcDuck? Seriously? You need to get over yourself. We aren’t talking about the days before Florence Nightengale, and I highly doubt you could teach a classroom full of nursing students two years worth of nursing knowledge when you’re not even a part of the profession. Lastly, what the hell types of nurses do you know, who don’t understand the definition of a fever or the process involved in one? I cry bullshit. Stop trolling around on nursing articles seeking praise for what you do by trashing what nurses do. It comes across as rather pathetic, really. While the article was meant to be light-hearted and fun, I as a nurse was quick to roll my eyes and groan out-loud at the nonsense of it all, believe that. But wow, this entire string of comments has been incredibly disheartening to read. How little we apparently think of each other in the nursing profession. How little the doctors we work side-by-side with, respect anything we do….just real damn sad if you ask me.

  73. You know who would make an even better wife? A female physician.

    For all the respondents on this blog that have put down physicians for not having the same skills as nurses: Who do you think taught those skills to nurses in the first place? I’m talking before Florence Nightengale, in the days when doctors were on their own. Wikipedia it.

    And as for compassion, female physicians are brimming with it. I guarantee you that every single female physician on this planet has spent more nights than she’d like to remember crying over a patient she couldn’t help.

    Long haul? Shit, we’ve been in school for over 20 years (and I’m talking community college and online “school”). We don’t give up on anything. And we know how to multitask like you would not believe. That’ll probably come in handy while, say, making and raising a family.

    Keeping you healthy? Most nurses I know don’t even know the definition of a fever. Or the function of a fever. Do you know how many books I’ve read on just fevers alone? I’ll keep you healthy.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, there are more bitches in the profession than I’d like to admit to, and don’t even get me started on the plethora of asshole male docs we all have to put up with on a daily basis, but the majority of us are pretty damned concerned about our patients and are willing to give 110% to make sure they’re ok. And I’ve met some pretty damned amazing nurses along my way. But I’ve also seen even more morbidly obese, smoking, lazy, rude, selfish, and unreliable nurses too.

    Like I said, we’ve given over 20 years of our lives and made sacrifices that you would not believe to learn how to do this… We sure aren’t doing it for our health.

  74. Wow its amazing how negative people on these posts can be. I have been a CNA ie nursing assistant for the last 14 years and I still care and want to further my education. I know many more caring nurses than anyone could ever fathem. I have met nurses who are burnt out but not because they dont care but because they are under staffed, dont get breaks because oh my goodness they have a patient who needs them and co-workers who rely on them and ps they dont put their needs before yours as the patient. They listen and are under appreciated by Patients and employers. Just 10 years ago nursing was more bedside care your nurses could spend more time with you but because of LAWSUITS by unhappy patients who dont realize what we have actually done for you, the way goverment ie medicare and medical regulates the care u recieve is now 10% beside care and more charting. Nurses do care thats why we give up our breaks lunches and yes even our bathroom breaks. People need to see both sides before passing judgement. Nurses are now overweight because we eat whatever we can throw in the microwave and heat up for 30 seconds and eat in less than a minute we drink way to much caffeine so we can run the patient that is on lasix to the bathroom 50 times throughout our 12hr shift. I have been the patient and the mother of a patient I have seen and experienced bothsides. Noone is perfect we have bad days and we are human. Remember that the next time you say nurses dont care!!!

  75. SO many narcissistic, egotistical, self-centred responders to this “article”. Like any one of us, there are good, bad and ugly but for goodness sake you would expect that the person (nurse) taking care of you when you have been hit by a car, fallen over in a drunken stupor, lost your beloved mother after surgery on Ward 3 etc. and YES, those nurses are the link and key to your well-being. Perhaps it is the demanding, rude, ignorant, self-centred patients we should be denigrating.

  76. I think many of us can disagree with this article but I think it just comes down to the fact that Denise Douglas just wanted to “toot her own horn,” so to say. Apparently, nurses are also humble…

  77. I myself is a nurse I enjoyed nursing every minute of it from home to hospital and anywhere,however I witnessed some nurses that don’t possessed the real,ideal world of nursing,yah some just for the sake of money and socialisation,when it comes to emergencies saving their lives,some of them has no presence of mind,systematic thinking, and most of all don’t know what to do…nursing is not a routine job…it’s entails your common sense,dedication,efficiency,practicality and most of all how to know the meaning of life threatening as a priority,So frustrating most of the time to work with these nurses,I must admit the bad stigma of NHS about care and management is partly true.!and these health care professionals can get away with murder..GOD BLESS THE PATIENTS…

  78. Working in a hospital 35 years, 28 in the e.r. I hate effin people. Society sucks!

  79. A lot of nurses I work are lazy and overweight. Not to be harsh. Not all nurses are all that. And most nurses that I encountered in the hospital are not very nice. Let alone be a good listener. Sorry :(

  80. My my my my my!!!! Phew weeee! Some serious attitude on this article. I was a nurse for 10 years. I have seen good and bad nursing standards. Unfortunately, a lot of nurses get burnt out and they are the ones that need to get out of the profession. I do believe a lot of what has been said here is correct. Nurses are not angels and I personally found the career quite bitchy myself. There is a lot of rivalry and one up man ship going on, which upset me greatly. I know I nursed to the best of my ability and I am pleased that I helped so many people but I am also glad I got out.

    More recently, I have been a patient and I was very saddened by some of the nurses who looked after me. I was shocked at their practice behaviour, it certainly was not how I ever behaved. I don’t really think you can teach nursing, it either comes deeply from the love of your soul or you are in it for the wrong reasons.

    Maybe one day…I will return to nursing, as I do miss it, but one needs to be very well themselves to be a very effective nurse. My advice is have a break, when you are feeling it’s all too much because having been on both sides, it is screamingly obvious to me, those that just should not be doing the job.

    I am not sure nurses make the best partners…there are other professions which require as much compassion and dedication. I think I would rather be with a vet :-)
    My ex was a psychiatric nurse and he had such a huge ego and was a seriously damaged individual. He dumped me by text…hmm, very compassionate! Suprised I didn’t end up one of his patients, after his treatment of me. He was impatient, a complete control freak and thought he was god’s gift. Bless him though for apologising 3 months later!!

  81. May God unvail more insight to others through you! Kudos to Nurses, how I wish I was one.

  82. Scroll down, then calm down. There’s a more “professional” image a lil’ further down in the article. Can’t you see it?! By the way, who says the chick in the first image IS a whore? Judgmental much???

  83. Please come up with a more respectful picture. Nurses are not whores and are professionals. Passing this picture along does not reflect us as professionals and is insulting…just sayin

  84. I can only speak from personal experience… The moment I knew I wanted to be a nurse was the day my father died. The nurse that informed my mother of my father’s death seemed very cold and curt. At the time I was 16 and thought where’s the compassion? I can be better than that. I’ve now been an R.N. for almost 25 years. First starting out in Med-Surg for 5 years and Maternity for nearly 20 years. During those first years of my career, I’ve held quite a few hands of patients taking their last breaths. Times when their exhausted family had gone home, to get a few hours of sleep or a shower, after many hours of vigil. Stroking an arm, talking soft words, medicating, washing, giving comfort the best I could. Being respectful and compassionate to the patient even after death. The way I would want someone to treat my family.
    To be present in those moments when someone leaves this world is precious. And to be present when someone enters is even more precious. Now when the exhausted family needs to get a few hours sleep or a shower, I’m still stroking an arm, talking soft words, medicating, washing, giving comfort the best I can. I take pride in how I care for my patients, like I would my own family. There’s been days I’ve shed tears of joy and heartache. But, I’m not perfect. I wish I was. I reflect back on many a time when… I could have been better than that.

  85. Nurses are caring, compassionate and listen to people all day at work. Why the hell would we want to go home to a man (or woman) who requires this from us after a long day?

  86. Everyone does the job for different reasons. I personally don’t agree with this article for the most part. My EX wife is a nurse and she’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of every description. She is egotistical, vengeful, bitchy and just generally a horrible person. She does the job for the glory of saying she helps people, to brag about herself and her accomplishments and get pity for the heartache of her job. She does it for the money and attention, but cares little about the patients.

    On the other hand, my girlfriend who is currently in nursing school, is ALL of those things you described. Accept maybe one. The job of a nurse is so hair raising and stressful that it seems, from my personal experience, that they sometimes take those stresses out at home. Which is natural and expected, to a point, but frustrating at times. But lucky for me I found the right one this time, or should I say…she found me. She’s definitely a keeper!

    Bless all of you nurses for what you do, its a tough job!!

  87. I am a nurse and i married a nurse so i guess our marriage is going to be a long and successful one lol

  88. I’m currently a student nurse and I have already seen a wide range of nurses that I have worked with. One of the first ones I was with was awesome. She was extremely nice and able to coax a patient into doing something they were initially hesitant to do. Her knowledge and skills were also top notch. On the flip side, I have seen nurses that made me feel embarrassed for how they were handling a particular situation and made me be more conscious of what I was saying or doing. Its made me way more introspective about what I am saying or doing.

    My classmates also tend to fall into these 2 large groupings. Nurses who are in it for the interesting job and an interest in caring for patients and being a part of a team that helps each other, and those who seem more interested in it for the ability to call themselves an RN. And of course most of the people are a mix of the two categories. So far it has been an interesting ride and I have learned a lot, not only in terms of how to be a good nurse and the academic side of things, but also how to work with other nurses and learn from them, both from their good behaviors and bad.

  89. Wow. So many of these comments are negative, and that’s sad. But I would have to agree that the majority of nurses-for the vast majority of their careers-are genuine people. That’s not to say that some of them come off as bitchy or stuck up in the beginning, or don’t end up as arrogant and mean in the end. But think about what they do every day. They go to a job that requires you to be peed on, puked on, pooped on, bled on, and yelled at every day by patients. They see a lot of bad mixed in with a lot of good. They watch not only patients, but family members that are hurt and confused and unsure of what will happen to them or their loved one. And it takes a special kind of person to be able to go to work facing that kind of human emotion every day. And I apologize if this comes off as arrogant, but I think it takes a pretty damn confident person to be able to do that every day. And I think that people who work their asses off to get a degree in nursing and care for people like that every day are entitled to be proud of themselves. Nursing majors are largely known to be some of the busiest undergraduates out there. Nursing schools are competitive and only accept so many applicants per semester. You’ve got to be smart, and you’ve got to think critically. You can’t just understand a concept or spit back information. You have to be analytical and critical to be seen as baseline competent to pass your boards. You have to dedicate time not only to study, but to pre-plan for clinicals, to get up and actually work 8 hour shifts at the hospital-and NOT be payed for it, but rather pay to be there. It’s rough. So if you know a college student that’s in nursing school and you think they’re cocky- or you know a nurse that thinks they’re the shit because of what they do-don’t be mad at them. Try to put yourself in their shoes. I thought the same thing for a whlie. And then I went to nursing school. I am a male nurse who has been in the profession for over 5 years now and having been on both sides of the fence, they were right. I’m a nurse and I’m damn proud of it.

  90. Hiperlitegreen: You can’t really fairly compare nurses and doctors when it comes to duties and job responsibilities. Doctors go to school to learn how to diagnose and treat patients. Nurses go to school to learn all the technical stuff you said (IVs, medications, CPR, etc). When you jump all over doctors for not having the skills or knowldege to respond to codes, etc, bear in mind that a nurse likewise would not be able to diagnose a patient or create a treatment plan for that patient. It’s not that one job is necessarily more demanding or glamorous than the other, it’s just different skill sets. It’s like being a carpenter and getting all mad at an electrician for not being able to build a bench. It’s a waste of time and doesn’t make sense.

  91. Obviously a quirkly little article written by a nurse or someone close to one… Some of the nicest people I have ever met are nurses and some of the most self absorbed and damaged people I have ever encountered are also nurses. You can’t make a blanket statement about any group of people based on their job alone.

  92. After 23 years as a nurse, yes, I have run across all types of losers. But for the most part, nurses are kind, compassionate, and giving. You cannot last in bedside nursing as an uncompassionate individual, and usually, the compassionate nurses will weed out the “bad eggs”. Also, sadly, there are some nurses that will become drug addicted, but, it doesn’t take long before those are also weeded out. Most of us are in this profession because we love it. The ability to help others, to make a difference, to alleviate pain and suffering fulfills us better than any drug or alcohol could ever do. Are we unsympathetic towards minor illnesses? We can be, especially if there is a young mother in the next room that we know will not survive while her children are clinging to her, begging her to wake up, and you have an ingrown toenail and are demanding morphine, crying like a fool, and cussing us out for not getting your morphine quickly enough. Can we seem cold and uncaring when we make you get up out of bed and you don’t feel like it? Yes, because we know that the sooner you get up and moving, the quicker you will recover, so we have to come across as a little “bitchy” to get you to do what we know you need to do in order to recover. We know that for every 1 day you spend lying in bed, it will take you 3 days to recover. So, the next time you run across a bitchy nurse, stop and put yourself in her shoes.

  93. Shipwrecked, I apologize. You are right. All Doctors are Gods. I forgot where my place was.

  94. Wow I can’t believe how negative a lot of these comments are. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  95. I took the article as “For Entertainment Only” – and to rub in my fiance’s face!

  96. Nurses come in all personalities . Some nurses are very compassionate. Some want a paycheck – some are overweight and unhealthy- some are big smokers- some could give a rats behind about the health of their spouse. some nurses are extremely lazy! Some live in filth…..think they care about washing their hands. Been there, seen it all. They are just like the rest if the human race. Just as any other occupation….you can only hope that you get one of the good ones

  97. So true regarding nursing! We are pulled in different directions at the same time and always manage to complete all tasks necessary to deliver adequate and quality care!

  98. the responses to this are better than the article! i love my job most days, and hate it others, as does (if they are lucky) everyone. relax people. there is no nurse competition. we all do it for our own reasons, and hopefully, we all find satisfaction from it in our own way. as for being anything better than human, well, we all have our vices. but, if you go to work, do a good job, make people healthier than when they met you, happier than when they came to meet you – go you! its not easy but its gratifying. and really, when you were a baby and your parents had their newborn dreams for you – didn’t they just want you to self sufficient and contribute positively to society? and as a nurse you have done that. and then some. positive thinking people! lighten up for pete’s sake.

  99. I am a nurse. I believe nurses come in all shapes and sizes (personalities included). I think nurses are as capable of screwing up as anyone else on earth. Nurses do endure some interesting things in their careers and yes, depending on how each pursues his or her career, it can be incredibly financially rewarding… but long hours of school and experience come first to get to that point. Does that make us loveable and infalliable… absolutely not. It makes us as human as anyone else in a career that has a ladder you climb to get to the top. We all have opinions of who someone is or what a career makes someone, but let me assure you, it’s not our careers who make us who we are (any of us); what makes us who we are is what we individuals choose to be. And because we are human and we are incapable of perfection, then we will all make mistakes, we will behave poorly, and we will all shine and do good things. Someone on here said something about not having a God complex…. I think if we all had a little more of a godly complextion, this conversation wouldn’t be had. :0)

  100. I must be one of the few that totally love my chosen career path as a critical care RN/ACNP-BC. I’ve spent many years working in ICU’s/ED, along with Palliative Care/hospice–never once regretting what I do….. I have had plenty of bad days/weeks over the years–I get that. But I never went into nursing for the money or the notoriety of being an RN–I just wanted to make a difference, and I like to think that I have…….whether it was holding the hand of a patient who was actively dying as they take their last breath…..or comforting a family member from losing a loved one. Life isn’t perfect–it’s about living and caring for others–regardless if we are teachers…….ministers……. or the person who bags groceries……..or the homeless person……. The pay is far from being “bad” and I have made a decent living at what I do and I think the majority of us have as well… I as rich as the Waltons? No…but I am content……I’m looking forward to the next 15 yrs or so I have left to work in my profession…..WE as NURSES have come along way……..and WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If YOU don’t think so then maybe its time for a different work environment to bring out the better caring nurse that is in you.

  101. As much as I wish this were true, not everyone is like this. Nursing seems to attract women that tend to be somewhat snobby (not all but it is common). Most of the girls I went to nursing school with were nice to their patients. But outside of the hospital they would make fun of people, ignore others, and acted like they were on a pedestal because “were nursing majors”. And even nurses I work with are that way. If you’re truly a compassionate person it follows you everywhere with all people. I didn’t get anywhere close to the best grades in my classes in school and I was slower at picking up a lot of the skills compared to others I graduated with but I don’t treat people the way I see many nurses treat people, especially outside the hospital. There are plenty of other jobs just tiring, and in need of patience and compassion then just nursing.

  102. I am a 31 year old male, and I am about to graduate in 37 days, maybe this true love will come after I graduate.

  103. I am not the writer of the article so I don’t know if the author is writing based on experience or hearsay. Everyone has a different perspective, so you’re right, perception is rooted in reality. But, I personally wouldn’t use a scripted show as an example of what all nurses are like.

  104. and this article is based on first hand experience? or fiction…. Perception is reality these days sadly

  105. Since when are 12 hour shifts 3 days a week considered “Long hours”…. ?!?!?!?!

  106. Substantial living?!?! I’ve been an RN for 7 years and would love to know where I can get one of those…

  107. my “nurse” was all that and cheated with co-workers. She now lives elsewhere. I don’t look at n.a.s the same.

  108. My someone.special an RN And his degree is a disease specilist….i too work in the medical fieldand he actually diagnose my RAD…before i took a.test at my Dr. I have ashtma and my lungs up. Hes very compassionate to my every to i am his. I adore him.I thank god for ANGEL.

  109. 74 yrs old retired (after 50 yrs) RN. In the early years both nurses and doctors smoked in the hospitals, sometimes in patients’ room, with the patients. As a group, we were most likely to be the ones that stopped smoking, as more and more information was known. As nurses it didn’t take us long to notice the relationship of smoking to the many lung diseases, so there are very few smoking nurses now! Sure there are problem drinkers and drug users, but in the minority, like most groups of people, and nurses have organiztions in place to help their own. Coffee ? That is a very personal thing, and not wrong as far as I know. There are nurses that went into the profession just to have a job (especially when nurses started getting decent pay, and don’t like the job, but again that is not the majority. Have I ever been rude, etc. to a patient? I sure have, but not usually. I usually saved my temper for the doctors. Ho,, also married 54 yrs!

  110. Hiperlitegreen, you have a chip on your shoulder and are painting doctors with a wide brush. You wouldn’t like us to do the same with nurses. There are a ton of compassionate doctors out there. I think most do more than look at tests, give orders and run.

  111. I am an RN and I have a real problem with people glorifying nurses as “angels”. Yes in our profession it is ideal to be compassionate and caring and advocate for our patients but these are qualities that any person can have in any vocation from waitress to business person. To all the RN’s who responded with how they are sooooo wonderful get over yourselves and drop the “God” complex. We are human beings working at a job just like any other. It is true in health care we see the nitty gritty intricacies of life and death, family dynamics, and what can happen when someone stops putting their health as a priority. However, these qualities of compassion, understanding and patience are found in many many people who practice many different vocations. As human beings shouldn’t we all strive to care for one another? My mom is a teacher and she reflects loads more stoicism, compassion, drive and understanding than any nurse I know.

    Also lots of nurses on here sound like they are super jaded. I just started as a new to practice this year. As a word of advice from a youngster, stop judging people so quickly. Generally once you start talking to your patients and realize their stressors, frustrations, and anxieties, you will understand where their behaviors come from. Most people are just lonely and want a kind ear. Plus you don’t truly know these peoples situations or how they were raised so don’t judge their life choices, try and steer them in the right direction instead.

  112. I am a male nurse married to a nurse, dated and know a lot of nurses. Also had experiences as a patient under the care of a nurse. From my experience, I can comfortably say MOST NURSES ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT LIKE THIS IN THEIR PERSONAL LIVES. They may think they are, but are self centered to critically analyze themselves. The qualities mentioned are part of many reasons I got in the industry and I believe that as nurses we are supposed to be like that and hope I never lose those qualities. Unfortunately I believe that most nurses get desensitized and put on the show only when they are getting paid to do so.
    I understand why the public can easily think and expect such qualities from nurses, probably based on their experiences as patients … guess what, it’s their job and yes they are getting paid to do so … And yes a lot of them got in the industry for the money. With no love for their job and duty to patients, end up adding more work load on other nurses genuinely concerned about patient care and safety.
    All the so called care and smiles shot down as soon as they clock out and get back to their private lives.
    They may not know it themselves… but most nurse proudly announce to the world that they are nurses, while exhibiting the complete opposite of what you would expect from them. Including lack of empathy or sympathy when they are not being paid to do so. Some even go on social media to complain about stuff they had to do for patients while breaking patient’s right to privacy with no concern or thought on how that could affect the patient if they some how stumble on a post like that from their nurse (It’s almost like their knowledge about HIPPA violations get thrown out of the window). So yes the public and patients expect nurses to be all holier than thou. Unfortunately marrying one is not like winning a lottery.
    I love and married my wife for the kind of person she truly is and that we share the same principles when it comes to treating our fellow human beings among many other reasons. But not because she is a nurse. As a matter of fact before I met her, I had sworn never to date nurses. I just happened to stumble upon the rare gem.
    Please keep in mind this is based on my experience, and I could be wrong and maybe had luck of running or working with bad eggs in the industry.
    As for my experience as a patient,will try not to go into details, but seriously when a guy is coming out of anesthesia while in serious pain, the last thing they need is a nurse chewing loudly on gum with no introduction, word or anything to let the patient know where they are and what just happened. The nurse’s first word to me was to “stop talking” because my inquiries about my wife who brought me to the hospital while she was under the weather in the waiting room was an interruption to the nurses chit chat. … Yep they tend to forget the patient always comes first.
    Again … I am not saying all nurses are like that, but seriously, let’s be realistic.

  113. For all the negativity on here … you dont know the rewarding career there is in nursing. Emotions run high, attachments exist, and the love for another human being is unbelievable … Nursing comes from the Heart … I have worked in geriatric nursing for 15 years, it is only for those who can handle it is true but for those who can’t please don’t trash a profession that is much needed and understaffed.For those trashing it … maybe you should reconsider your selfish statements as before you die guaranteed a nurse will be one of the last people to touch you in more ways than you can understand <3

  114. lol ! most nurses I’ve known are stuck up .. they think they won a lottery fr their profession :/

  115. I am not a nurse because of the glory, recognition or the awesome hours. The visualization of bodily fluids, seeing patients at their worst or the death and dying is not an attraction. Every day I am faced with at least one opportunity to make someones life better. Nurses are human beings with faults and problems just like every other profession. Co-dependent people are usually attracted to this field because they want to fix other peoples problems. Shame on my colleagues that are attacking other R.N.’s on here. It is an accepted practice still practiced by many that nurses eat their young. Instead of berrating people on here why don’t you try to make a difference. Everyone of us has a vice that we need to address to improve our mental or physical well-being. As for my husband, he knows he is lucky to be married to me, not because I am a nurse but because I don’t quit, I am passionate and I am content with my life.

  116. This sounds about right. The general public somehow plants DOCTORS on the almighty pedestal and profess they are the miracle workers. Tehehe. NURSES are the backbone and driving force of healthcare. Nurses adapt to everyone dynamic situation and do whatever it takes to save the patient’s life and be there for the families. DOCTORS simply just analyze patient results and give orders to the staff and move on to the next patient. Its crazy some doctors only meet with the patient for 1 minute and some don’t even go into the room. Nurses stay with the patient for 12 hours and respond to any quick changes in the patient’s vitals. I remember constantly seeing doctors and surgeons rushing to leave the unit or the room when the patient’s heart stops (codes), because they simply don’t know how to perform the technical aspects of a code which means they don’t know how to get their hands dirty. Suddenly, you see all the nurses rush in the room start slamming meds into the iv’s, performing cpr, and working the defibillator. Such an ironic stand point from the public’s stereotyped view of healthcare. GO NURSES!

  117. I’m married to an RN and work in admissions for an LPN to RN program. I must say this article is correct, but could of easily listed 10 reasons! Nurses are the best!

  118. Exactly! I for one, don’t mind taking on that persona occasionally ;-) Life it too hard if you don’t throw in a little spice every now and then!

  119. Oh, and about the pic……who cares? It’s just a picture. I liked the article and I think it’s right on the mark with me and my friends who are nurses!

  120. I am an nurse and most of my friends are nurses. I happen to love what I do and I do my job with a compassionate and caring attitude. As with any profession, there are some who do not have my attitude, but as a general rule I think most nurses are compassionate and caring people who do this sometimes difficult job because the love it and care about their patients. No one ever gets rich in nursing. You work long hours and are often treated with a great deal of disrespect. However, having said that, I still think nursing is a great profession. We do tend to be a little unsympathetic to minor illness but if you’re really ill, you will find no better advocate! It is often hardest to care for family members of nurses, because they expect high quality care for their loved ones, more so than they do for themselves! As far as the crap about smoking and drinking……..well, we aren’t perfect, but neither are you :)

  121. The lousy image that. Depicts the nurse with big boobs, gloves had her looking like an evil cartoon character…totslly takes away from the goid write up…so I shall not pass aling to preserve the sacred integrity of my fellow nurses.

  122. Speaking as a Pediatric ICU nurse it really depends. Nurses in ICU’s get burned out. It’s a stressful gig. Most of my RN colleagues are some of the most compassionate people I know. We don’t overreact when a kid of ours get sick. We deal with it. Nurses are human and fallible but at the end of the day we’re pretty f’ing awesome.

  123. I’ve Worked With Nurses My Whole Career As A Paramedic And Physician Assistant. This Article Makes It Sound Like Go Ahead Marry A Nurse And They’ll Take Care Of You For The Rest Of Your Life, That’s The Furthest Thing From Truth, NursingA.d Healthcare Is Stressful And You Better Be Ready To Be Their “Rock” After Working Those Long Shifts And Dealing With All Walks Motivations For Goung Into Nursing Are Quite Varied As You Can Earn A Ver Good Living And That Alone Can Be A Motivating Factor, Very Skewed Article.

  124. I appreciate the article but not the photo at the top of the article of a “nurse”.

  125. I’m sorry, Elizabeth, but what business is it of yours if a nurse happens to smoke and drink coffee. Many nurses start their training already being smokers struggling to quit. and in such a highly-stressful profession, should it be a surprise to find a high rate of cigarette smoking? It also relates nothing to the care they give. You need to work on your maturity and wisdom. Also, to say that most nurses you know use drugs to cope…? What a ridiculously hate-fueled comment. How would you even know if they are drug-users, are they friends of yours? As is all areas of social interaction, you get back what you give. You may likely be a nasty, negative, difficult personality type, which does not change all of a sudden when you become a patient in need of care. God bless the health care workers who have had to care for you.

  126. Are you kidding me? My mother was a nurse. She had no compassion at all. Her motto was…..If you can still breathe and your heart is still pumping blood you have nothing to worry about! Now, get your butt to school!!

  127. If you do not like us (RNs) that is ok, we generally do not like you too much either. Why you may ask? Because we get tired of having to constantly save your noncompliant, fat ignorant, obese, twinkie eating, fat back snortin, newport smokin, shine drinkin, dumb ass from your own irresponsible life style and then have to listen to you whine about everything and take it out on us because you are a fat tub of goo.
    Ride a bike, eat a vegetable, drink some water and be responsible for your own health and well being instead of living like the devil and then having the expectation that “we” will fix it for you.
    That is all.
    Nurse Grundle

  128. My mother was a nurse, and she was tough as nails. We didn’t get to stay home from school sick unless we were puking our guts out, had a high fever, or were barely able to stand. She was like CJ/RN above – she’d dealt with so many really serious medical issues, she had no time or sympathy for whiners!

  129. I think you “RN haters” should just keep your mouths quite. You have never been in our place before, and frankly I doubt if you even know what our job responsibilities are. Over the last few years I have notice more and more lack of respect we get from the public and sadly our patients. No we do not all smoke, we are not all over weight, and we are not all alcoholics or drug addicted. We love our jobs or we would not be here. Just like anyother service provider like police officers, we will never have the publics respect. Just remember before you speak with disrespect about RN’s or other public service providers, we are here to serve, protect and save you.

  130. I worked as a CNA/ CMA for 7 years and i would say the Article is a little skewed. Nurses are human beings from all walks of life. The motivations to join nursing are diverse and this article assumes a ton. I have worked with nice wonderful nurses and not so very nice ones …Would i marry a nurse …. maybe but not primarily because of the nursing profession :)

  131. Elizabeth, I am so sorry you had a bad experience at the hospital and were treated unkind. In no way is that acceptable. However, your post says you have yet to know a nurse who doesn’t smoke and so forth and I must say I completely disagree with this statement. The actions of the nurses who took care of you should in no way be placed on all of us nurses and the same could be said to the poster Air Ambulance. I do not smoke and only drink wine on special occasions like holiday get togethers. When I go to work, regardless of what is going on at home, I leave it at the door. I would never take out my own personal frustrations on a patient as I would never want someone else to treat me or my family that way. I treat others how I would want to be treated and I take pride in my work as a nurse. Maybe it is different on my floor but we truly work as a team and help one another out. I absolutely love the other nurses on my shift and working in a field that consists of a lot more females than males, that is not always the case. I have dealt with nurses on the other shifts who were not very friendly and one was even very rude and crabby toward me when I was giving her report on Easter morning. I will never understand people like this whether they be a nurse or another profession, they exist everywhere and we will always come across people who are just plain rude toward others. However, there are plenty of loving and caring people out there as well in all types of professions and I know many that are nurses and love what they do. It is easy to get burned out when your unit does not work as a team or as a nurse you are not only performing your role but the PCA’s role as well. It is not an easy job and it takes dedication but I enjoy coming to work and making a difference. I love the fact that my patients always remember my name even if I haven’t been their nurse in a few days. I hope if you ever find yourself in the hospital again that you get nurses who truly care and want to be your nurse. Take care and well wishes to you.

  132. I’m a nurse and I’ll admit to being nothing on this list. At work I do have compassion but at some point you get exhausted of people. Then you come home after 12 hour shifts and just want to sleep. If you get a partner that works opposite shifts the relationship may last longer but then you’ll be sleeping alone lol


  134. The majority of Nurses I have come into contact with, Do possess at least a few of the 5 qualities, However, I have Yet to know An RN , LPN Or NA, that doesn’t Smoke, resent patient concern’s (Pain and Discomfort), Use drugs, themselve’s to cope with the stress of the Job And Most Sadly, of all, Take Verbally take out their frustrations and Burn Out on Their Own Patient’s? Certainly, Not Every RN, LPN is like this, However, there are more that lead unhealthy lives especially in Hospitals, than those Who possess Compassion, Empathy And Exceptional Medical and/ or Social skills in order to want to voluntarily communicate and give aid to their patient’s without resentment, frustration or apathy.
    I am speaking from Year’s of My Own, countless experiences as a patient in a Hospital, Several time’s in ICU, As A Woman of 44, With necrotizing Pancreatitis, And Sepsis (Not a drinker of alchohol) Which involved The collapse of one lung and life threatening cases of pneumonia, which followed months, later. 2008-present.
    I am not a smoker, nor had I had any experience With TPN, Pics, Ports, Endoscopies, or Abdominal Drainage tubes or Lung tubes! etc, Months at a time! Yes, I am eternally Thankful and feel truly blest By the Skilled Dr’s And Nurses Who were there by my side to sincerely Care for me, Professionally , And in so doing, aid in saving My life, not once but twice! Nurses Can also be, Guardian Angel’s, too!
    Nurse’s, in short, are just like any other Professional, in that, There are the gifted, hard working, healing individuals, And then there are the rest. Punching the clock, overdosing on cups of caffeine and cigarettes, and finally, those that truly dislike their Job/ And feel bitter toward their assigned patient’s! God Bless Nurses Who posess both exceptional Skills and Compassion! + <3

  135. There is definitive proof that these characteristics are present in most nurses. Those who became nurses for the right reasons, possess all of them, those who went to nursing school because they watched too many hospital shows and want the supposed glam or to find love with a doc are some of the coldest people you will ever meet. My wife and I are nurses, just like people of every profession, we have our good and bad days, but when it comes to our family, we are there 100%. Thank you for posting this article, there are too many people that only see the rushed, frenzied, overworked nurses that don’t have the time to spend with the patients and families to help make them feel more secure about their situation and build the trust needed to convince them that their care is our #1 priority.
    Please just remember this the next time you hit your call light and the nurse doesn’t appear right away: With the exception (in most cases) of ICU and CCU environments, the patient to nurse ratio of hospitals is 6:1, patients have an average of 20 scheduled meds per day, not to mention those that are prescribed as needed. Many hospital ratios are worse, not too many are better. Those nurses, no matter how good they are, can and will get behind and most of us feel horrible when we have to make a person wait for anything, especially when they’re in pain.

  136. 100 % agree with CJ, RN that’s a more accurate depiction! My husband and I got a laugh when I shared this article with him, He won the jackpot (and me too)but not for the reason’s listed….

  137. Sounds like all the issues you people are complaining about is not about nursing but about personalities.

  138. I was married to a nurse. “WAS” is the main word. She was a liar & a cheat. Caught her having an affair & she tried to lie about the whole thing. Worse 4 years of my life!

  139. My care tank only fills up so much… usually I’ve expended it’s capacity after a day at work. Everyone else is just shit out of luck at that point :) If you have a “real” problem, fine we can deal with that. If you’re coming around to bitch about something you may as well carry on because I’ve probably seen more serious problems that day then what anyone else is about to relate to me, I mean really, unless you’re actively bleeding, going into shock, or have become septic… let’s not waste my time :) However, if you plan on being someone who is enjoyable to be around, rock on, let’s do this.

  140. Bwahaha! None of that is true. I work with nurses. Believe me – I know.

  141. Having served for 24 years, being deployed a few times myself, Afghanistan being one for a year as a “nurse”, I can relate to the needing the quiet and relaxing time, I can also understand the spouse that has stayed behind a year and has taken care of the bills, repairs, kids, lonely nights, and the not knowing if you will be coming back HOME! So I say to my husband, thank you for taking care of our home, kids, bills and all the day to day living while I serve my country. Yes we did have some difficult times as he wanted to hand everything over and I wasn’t ready for at least 6 months. Readjustment is hard….for everyone! and it’s normal for a “nurse” to be unsure when your own child is hurt, you can’t compartmentalize your child. So try to see her side as well, marriage is a always a two way street.

  142. Sounds like your having redeployment issues not Nurse issues :) Its hard to be gone and come back to a place that was well controlled in your absence, now its time to reacclimate for both parties! Welcome home soldier

  143. I wish this was the case….I really do. Just returned home from Afghanistan and my wife of 6 years who has been a nurse for 8 years hAve been fighting everyday. Over stupid stuff….I just want to relax and enjoy doing nothing for the three weeks of leave I have taken. She is mad at me everyday, tells me I’m boring and undercuts me in front of friends. She is not stable if our little girl hurts herself and has a hard time seeing her blood. At work she is different. Those skills and capabilities have not transferred over to our relationship. I wish it was stable, I really do…after being gone for so long and then coming home to what I thought was going to be a moment in life that would give me peace, I was wrong.

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