Do You Feel Like Someone Is Watching You?


Why Do You Think You Are Being Bugged?

Every time you go out do you feel as though someone is watching you? You feel as if you are seeing the same strangers all the time but in different places? Do people know about things that only you should know and if so who are these people? Do you feel like someone else knows too much about a telephone conversation you have had or an email or text you have sent? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you could be being bugged. It is not as difficult as you might think to bug someone, especially if they know you quite well.

Has Anything Changed In Your Life?

Have you moved home or has someone moved out? Did you have a falling out with anyone you are close with or even a family member? Has someone new come into your life and possibly bought some trouble with them? Has an old rival come back into town and they still dislike you. Some of these things might seem a bit extreme but in my time as a private detective I have come across them all and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female it can happen to anyone.

For example, you tell your partner to leave and give them a few days to move out. They in turn pull your home apart and bug it up to the hilt, installing remote cameras and listening devices where ever they can. A family member you have fallen out with manages to gain access to your mobile phone and they install spyware on it. Now, unbeknown to you they can see who you are calling, emailing and texting and who is calling, emailing and texting you. They can also read those text messages and emails and on some very high tech software they can even dial into your phone and listen to a conversation you are having with someone else. This can also be true of your lap top or PC. If you are not too careful someone can download software onto your computer in a second or you could open an email with a strange attachment and download the software yourself.

How Can I Get Rid Of It?

A private detective can visit your home and give your house a good de-bug. He will be able to locate anything from a listening device to a fully fitted covert CCTV system. Not only can he detect things around the home he can also find what is lurking on your mobile phone or your laptop. It can be found and disposed of. Once it has all been taken away and disabled you can change the locks and move on. Even your car can be debugged from GPS trackers or even listening devices and covert cameras that have been installed into your dash by an ex with the spare key. It is important to remember that it only takes a second to be bugged but it also only takes a couple of hours to be totally de-bugged by a private detective.

Charlie Hodgson is a highly skilled and professional private detective who has spent many hours working alongside private detectives in Manchester. Who together have spent many hours de-bugging and then removing unwanted hardware and software from homes and belongings. For more blogs from the world of the private detective visit


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