Top Story – 5 Dangerously Amazing Natural Cleaning Tips


Sometimes the best cleaning tools are items you have around the house. You’ll know as well as I do how expensive cleaning products can be, from carpet cleaners that don’t work properly to strong bleaches that leave a nasty smell for days after cleaning. Save some money by using every day home products that often work better than the expensive chemical options. Here are ten natural cleaning options-

Remove Lime scale With Vinegar

Something that almost all of us have around the house is white vinegar, and something almost all of us struggle with is lime scale. It can look unsightly and stop your shower head from working properly. Many of us throw away lime scale ridden shower heads and opt to buy a new one rather than tackling the build up. Removing lime scale couldn’t be easier though.

Heat a pan of white vinegar and pour into a bowl. Submerge the shower head and leave it for about an hour. Remove the shower head; the lime scale will now be loose. Use an old tooth brush to scrub off the lime scale. Rinse the shower head and buff with a dry cloth. You should now have a shower head that is as good as new.

Remove Red Wine Stains With Soda Water

Red wine is notoriously difficult to remove. No carpet cleaner seems to budge it and you are always left with a faint red stain on your carpet. If you can as soon as the red wine is spilt cover the stain in soda water. Dab the stain with paper towels until the color no longer transfers onto the towel. Avoid rubbing the stain as this can force it deeper into the carpet. Dabbing it should remove the stain nicely.

Reveal Clear And Sparking Windows With Vinegar

I find no matter which window spray I use I am always left with at least a couple of smears and marks. Instead use vinegar and newspaper! Mix one part vinegar with three parts warm water together in a bowl. Using a cotton towel dip into the mixture and using a little pressure wipe the windows. Then use a balled up piece of newspaper to dry and buff the windows removing an excess liquid and buffing out any marks.

Revitalize Old Pans By Putting Them In The Freezer

At some point all of us will have tried to budge burnt on mess from pots and pans. After soaking and ten minutes of scrubbing it seems impossible to budge. We often end up throwing away pans as they look dirty and we cannot remove the burnt patches. Put your pans in the freezer for half an hour and you should find the burnt on bits peel right off, you may not even need to scrub them. It’s really that simple.

Avoid Oven Stains Using Salt

We all know how easy it is to spill food and sauces in the oven when we put something in or take it out. Because the oven is hot we usually leave it and it burns on making it very hard to remove. Before the oven cools sprinkle the stain with salt. This will soak up any liquids, then allow the oven to cool and simply wipe up.

Eilidh MacRae works for Creese Cleaning Contractors who are cleaners in Bristol.


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