Marc Jacobs And Diet Coke ‘Sparkle Together’


Fashion icon Marc Jacobs has been named the new creative director of the Diet Coke brand for 2013, taking the reins from fellow style sensation Jean Paul Gaultier. This collaboration will see Jacobs work with the brand to create a range of limited edition aluminium cans and bottles in honor of Diet Coke’s 30-year anniversary of sales in Europe. Marc Jacobs will draw inspiration from the rise of women’s empowerment during the Eighties, Nineties and Noughties to design this collection of cans and bottles, which will undoubtedly become must-have objects of desire once they hit the market.

Adding some Sparkle

The theme of this new partnership is “Sparkling Together for 30 Years”, and it’s safe to say Marc Jacobs’ creative energy will add plenty of fizz to the Diet Coke campaign. We can certainly expect a more casual and quirky look for the brand this year as Jacobs takes creative control. “It’s just another proof of people loving the power of fashion” says the designer. “I feel very privileged to be the new creative director of Diet Coke and put my stamp on the 30th Anniversary campaign. Diet Coke is an icon… and I love an icon”.

He might be used to working behind the scenes, but it seems Marc Jacobs is every bit as confident in the spotlight as the models and celebrities who wear his luxury designs. The 49-year-old showed off his toned and tattooed torso as he posed shirtless for a series of promotional photos, a light-hearted set that depicts him in a parody of the classic “Diet Coke break” advertisement. He’s also appeared in an advertisement featuring his own unique take on the “Diet Coke Hunk” TV spots, which feature him shirtless and wearing his stylish black kilt.

The Sweet Taste of Success

Over the years, Diet Coke has collaborated with numerous other celebrated fashion designers, including Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson and Roberto Cavalli. The award-winning Marc Jacobs, who already serves as creative director for his own eponymous line and for Louis Vuitton, seems like the ideal choice to follow in their footsteps. The New York-based designer has agreed to work with Diet Coke for the entire year.

Marc Jacobs’ designer Diet Coke cans will be revealed on February 25th, and the bottles will be revealed on March 12th. I for one can’t wait to see this design guru’s signature style applied to these exciting new creations.

Nicky Warner is a London lifestyle and fashion blogger with a weakness for men in designer suits, but after seeing this Marc Jacobs campaign she thinks she might prefer kilts!

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