5 Things That Will Ruin Your Dating Life


Dating can be fun or it can be a nuisance. You get to meet new people and enjoy some fun experiences, but it can also become more like a job if you never find yourself meeting the right people.

Some people have a very active dating life, and this allows them to meet more people and have a better shot at finding “the one”. But there are some people that either don’t have the time to date or make some fatal mistakes that can ruin their dating life.

1. Being obsessed with technology.

Technology is everywhere today, and everyone is using it for some reason or another. But if you’re one of those people that are too obsessed with technology, it could ruin your dating life. First, if you’re someone who posts their entire life story on social media sites, it will be known to cause drama, and many people don’t want to be involved with someone that feels the need to share every single detail of their life with their virtual friends. Second, if you are one of those individuals that are out on a date with a real person and you spend the entire evening glued to your cell phone, it will also ruin your dating life. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone that can’t hold a conversation without texting their friends or tweeting to the world.

2. Working too hard.

Having a job is important, but if you overwork yourself, you’re never going to find time to date. Being determined to make it in your career is a great idea, but if you also want to be able to date, overworking yourself is not the right way to do it. Even if you did find the time for a first date, it may be difficult for you to continue to commit to other dates, and this may become frustrating to the person that you’re trying to date. Plus, they’ll never feel as if you care as much about them as you do about your job, and this can be the cause of many problems in your future.

3. Having a bad personality.

If you are not pleasant to be around, you’re not going to find many suitors. A bad attitude, an awful personality, a lack of self-esteem or an overwhelming desire to share your prejudices and racisms will easily turn off anyone that may want to date you. If you have a bad personality, and you’ve been told that you have a bad personality, you’ll want to make the right adjustments or changes in order to become a more pleasant person. The better your attitude and your mindset, the more attractive you will be to others.

4. High expectations.

Not every person you date is going to be “the one” and not everyone you date is going to have all the qualities you’re hoping for. If you’re holding off for someone that is flawlessly perfect, both inside and out, and who has a large amount of money and the same interests and goals as you, you’re going to be very disappointed throughout every single one of your dates. While it’s a good idea to have standards, it’s also important to keep your mind open. True love doesn’t come in the form of perfection, and you need to understand this if you want to have a great dating life.

5. Smoking

There are numerous studies pointing toward the trend in society to find smoking and smokers highly offensive. In fact, by smoking you reduce your dating pool by about 65% In general the concerns are not associated with health issues. The most common concern is related to the offensive smell of tobacco in clothes, breath and housing. A health benefit of smokeless cigarette smoking is that it can improve your dating and intimate life by expanding the number and quality of available partners. You could in theory use it only temporarily as the person gets to know you and once the relationship becomes strong you may either decide to quit out of love or go back to your old smoking habits.

Carla Jones is a writer and sports fan. She lives in Oregon where she practices long distance running



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