Top Story – Oh Yes They Did! 3 Celebrities You Never Thought Had Plastic Surgery

Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight, so they work hard to look young and beautiful. Some of them even go to extreme measures and get plastic surgery. Whether it’s breast implants or a nose job, a plastic surgery procedure can help celebrities feel better about themselves. These plastic surgery procedures can help them feel more confident and beautiful. With that being said, here are three celebrities you probably never thought went under the knife.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

When you think of Ellen DeGeneres, you probably do not think of her as someone who received plastic surgery. She just seems so much more relatable than other celebrities and not someone who would go under the knife to look better. Well, Ellen has actually has received a face and eyelift to make herself look more youthful. These procedures definitely made her look more fresh and beautiful. However, she does not talk about her surgeries like other celebrities do. She is very modest because they go against the image she is trying to portray.

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is definitely one of the more naturally beautiful celebrities out there. She eats well, works out regularly and takes good care of her skin. Many people consider her to be the girl next door because she just looks so pretty and wholesome. However, Jennifer is no stranger to plastic surgery. She has actually received a nose job to slim the bridge of her nose. The surgery was very subtle, so it is unlikely that anybody noticed she had a nose job. It just made her face look a little softer and more feminine.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was not born with very big breasts, so she decided to get breast implants to enhance them. However, she did not go to the extreme like a lot of celebrities tend to do. Instead of getting breast implants as big as her head, she decided to just increase her breast size by one cup. They definitely look more natural on her small frame. In fact, they are so natural looking that you can’t even tell her breasts are not real.

As you can see, not all celebrities like to flaunt their plastic surgeries. Instead of drastically altering their appearances, some of them just received plastic surgery to enhance their features a little bit. These plastic surgery procedures likely made them feel more confident without feeling fake or unnatural.


Peter Wendt has followed the lives of the rich and famous for several years from his home in Austin, Texas.  Over the years he’s seen his fair share of regretful nose jobs, and botched breast implants.  However, he has never met a disappointed patient of this Cosmetic Dermatologist in San Mateo.


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