Will Kanye West Be A Good Father?

Kanye West - Because he's an arrogant asshole.

The fact that Kanye West is having a child with a Kardashian is not news to anyone not living under a rock. The fact that none of us saw this coming just makes you realize you never know what to expect next with celebrities.

The constant talk of Kanye West being a father figure just won’t stop. There have even been articles released that open up lyric versus from his portfolio of music about being a bad parent. Did Kanye plan on this happening or was it totally by accident?

Kanye West is an Idiot at Times

I love Kanye’s music but there is no hiding behind the fact of him being a complete idiot at times. There are an abundance of cases where he has made a complete fool of himself and I’m sure you have one of those cases Boole up in your memory right now.

Some do say that he does this stuff on purpose but I have a hat time believing that. “If your talking about Kanye, then he is doing his job” is the common phrase I always hear. I’m not having it. He’s just an idiot trying to hide these traits on a daily basis.

Will His Child Grow Up Fine?

What child in the celebrity spotlight grows up fine? None of them. Not that he has a special case in which his child will be not normal. The fact that celebrity spotlight brings bad things holds true in this case majorly. Not to mention, the pressure on the idea of Kanye being a good father on top of it.

One great thing celebrities have going is their money to hire proper care to their children. With touring and so forth, it makes it tough to always be there to be a Betty Crocker perfect parent.

Will His Child Follow His Musical Talent?

Does Kanye West as a rapper have musical talent? Purely joking, but I had to throw in that rude remark. It’s very tough to say if his child will follow with continued music success. Some believe Kanye has reshaped rap and hip hop music as a whole. I do agree with that statement personally. As much as I hate his attitude, there is no denying his presence to bringing new styles and ideas to the rap industry.

On other hand, we need to urge the fact that the mother of this child will be Kim Kardashian. I’m not sure if you have ever tried to train a rabbit tricks.. But it’s not very easy. That was my weak attempt to attack her street smarts. Her amusing television show has really got me worried about her stepping up to the plate of being a parent of a child. It seems tanning and high heels are most important to her daily schedule.

Aside all bashing of their new coming child, I wish you two the best of luck on your new coming journey. Author Christopher Weber loves to write about new events on celebrities. Not gossip but more or less real issues involving celebrities.

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