Practical Ways To Make Your Fake Tan Last

fake tan

Apart from the money you spend on creams, lotions and gels, fake tan consumes plenty of time and energy to apply on your body. You also have to spend a good amount of time without clothes just to ensure that the tan has enough time to react with the amino acids on your skin so it can stick. After all this trouble, you’re faced with the problem of fake tan fading away quickly. Want your tan to last? Here are some useful tips to help you out.

Skincare Is Key

Properly exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells remains one of the best ways to get the fake tan to stick to your skin. This should be done just before you apply the tan, and once in a while every other day, after the initial tan to ensure that your tan stays even. But after the tan you need to be very gentle with your skin so as not to eliminate the tan. Instant bronze body sprays are the secret to the glow and lasting fake tans of celebrities. But you should be careful not to bring the spray too close to your skin. Hold it about three to five inches from your skin and spray in a circular motion.

Look After Your Tan Right Away

Most people lose the battle a few hours after application. So, make sure you avoid anything like swimming, showering or heavy sweating several hours after you’ve applied the fake tan. Once you’re sure that the fake tan is good on your skin, you can then revert to your former lifestyle but not without a little care. When taking your morning shower apply some body oil that will protect your skin by creating a barrier so that the tan will last. Instead of rubbing your skin after a shower, it is better to pat dry it so your tan won’t be affected. Another effective method to prevent your skin from drying out is to always use moisturisers. In addition to keeping your skin moist, this will also prevent it from getting flaky, and prevents you from having splotchy color or faded tan.

Things To Avoid

Another common enemy of fake tan is shaving. Completely avoid shaving your skin since this can remove the top layer easily. This is why it’s important for you to do some waxing a few days before your self tanning. Also, before you tan make use of a pumice stone to wipe your ankle and feet clean. You should avoid pools and hot tubs for a while after your tan since they usually involves chlorine.  One very good tip is to check the alcohol ingredient before applying it on your skin. If alcohol is listed as either the second or third ingredient on the label then it is best you avoid the tan lotion and get another one with little or no alcohol. High levels of alcohol in your tan lotion or cream will cause excessive dryness so that your skin will crack a few days after applying the tan.

Emma Robinson runs a blog that offers people practical tanning tips and advice. She also performs fake tan reviews.


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