Simple Ways To Stay Inspired Throughout The Day


There are times when everyone feels frustrated, fearful and desperate. Then there are those times when you thank a higher being for everything you have. If reality takes you down a peg and you lose your grip on everything positive, bring yourself back up with inspirational sayings, doings, meditation, listening to music or reading.

Have you ever felt that you were living a life of peace and positive attitudes, but the next moment you were doubtful, weak and confused?  Are you irritated and angry at the world? When you are happy and content you are gaining good things in your life including health. When you sink into a world of despair you are losing all connection with reality.

Meditate and Think about Daily Outcomes

Begin your day by sitting for five minutes and visualizing how the day should go. You can also meditate for about twenty minutes and see in your mind’s eye the outcome of your day. If you do not have time to spare for meditation, try thinking in the shower and planning your day. Focus on the positive outcome and how you want to feel when the day is over.

Read an Inspirational Thought

Something that is as simple as an inspirational quote or a blog or a chat can bring positivity into your day. Have a file of positive quotes that you read first thing in the morning. Sit down at your computer and bring up your favorite blog site. Whatever you do, keep thoughts positive and motivational.

Cancel Technique

If you find yourself washing away on negative and counterproductive thoughts find a trigger word that will bring you back to positivity. If thoughts invade your mind of the economic situation, the wars around the world or even the argument you had before you left home, use that trigger word to send negative thoughts back into the closet in your mind. Avoid allowing national job layoffs and business turndowns to be personal.

Focus on the positive aspects of your situation. This is no a “Polly Anna” way of thinking, it is a genuine technique that yogi masters use to bring balance into their poses. Another way of thinking using the cancel technique is to count your blessings. List them if you are having a particularly negative movement.

Have a Gratitude Attitude

Being grateful for all that you currently hold is another positive and inspiration way to live. Here is a secret of truly positive people: if a higher being finds that you are thankful for what you have, you will receive more you will receive more positive in your life.

Take five minutes a day to write in a gratitude journal. If this sounds a bit too good, try listing the good things you have in you mind. If you cannot immediately think of something positive keep thinking until you have a mental list of ten goods things in your life.

Sleep Well

At least one-third of your life is spent sleeping or trying to sleep. Sleep is productive, it rejuvenates your body. Yet if you were able to use sleep as an inspiration for the next day, would you try it? Before falling asleep think of a positive quote or statement.

The thought will penetrate into your sub-conscious and start working. There is a very small chance that you will knowingly cancel this thought. Try it tonight and see if you don’t wake up feeling positive and energized.

Begin making it a habit to take a few moments out of your day to meditate, live with gratitude, banish negativity, and read a positive quote. This will take practice, but if you begin today you will find that it becomes a part of your everyday routine.


Sarah Walsh writes for who have a very wide range of motivational speakers for your next business, academic or other presentation.

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