Raise A Glass To The Benefits Of Wine


Have you ever sat at a posh dinner and wished that you could decode the names on the wine list (Pinto Grigio, what the heck!)? Instead of scratching your head over the aperitifs, follow this crib sheet:

Cabernet Sauvignon: the world’s most coveted wine, Cabernet Sauvignon flourishes in warm climates and is consumed optimally between 5 – 10 years after they hit the shelves – this one is ideal for aging. But that’s a long time to wait for a glass of wine…

Chianti: grown primarily in Tuscany’s Chianti region, this bottle of vin rouge has often been a basket gift, but you’ll see more sophisticated versions of this at the dinner table.

Merlot: originating from the Bordeaux area in France, this is really to go-to wine for novices. If you’re not 100% sold on the taste of wine, then you’re in safe hands with a good Merlot.

Pinot Noir: the toughest grape on the block, Pinot Noir is a little pricier to purchase as it’s difficult to grow and needs optimal conditions.

Sangiovese: common in Italy, if you can pronounce the name of this red wine, you automatically score cultural points.

Zinfandel: ever since the 1800s, California has pioneered this grape. This bottle will pack a slightly harder punch alcohol-wise, but it’s a beautifully intense beverage.

And now you’ve got a few names under your hat, we should move on to the health benefits of having a glass of wine a day (or two for men).

The Health Benefits Of Red Wine

We don’t need a scientist to tell us that wine makes you nod off. A few glasses and we’re ready to hit the hay! Ever wondered why? Red wine is rich in melatonin – sleepy chemicals – that help regulate your internal clock and ward off cancer. Usually, drinking alcohol before bed is a recipe for a bad night’s sleep, but you’re safe with wine.


If you haven’t heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: wine is packed with antioxidants. There are two big health-boosters in vin rouge: flavonoids and resveratrol. Flavonoids boost the good cholesterol in your body and flush out the bad. They’re great for the heart and help to thin blood, which prevents clotting.

Antioxidants work wonders for repairing cells and resveratrol is no exception. In fact, resveratrol helps to turn back the clock! No-one wants to physically age, and a glass of wine a day could help keep you looking younger for longer. It will also prevent age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Some scientists even believe that red wine can halve your chances of developing prostate cancer.

Feeling Poorly?

The last thing you want to drink when you’re not feeling 100% is alcohol, but wine could help you shake that nasty cold or prevent flu.


There’s a reason why so many people reach for the bottle after a long day at work. Red wine has a tranquilizing effect that reduces stress and anxiety. Work worries can lead to premature aging and health problems, so crack open a bottle and unwind.

Composed by James who is writing for Vivas Wine, a company who specialize in supplying high quality a carefully selected wines to business throughout the country

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