Top Story – Popular Short Hair Styles For 2013


Short hair cuts are extremely popular for 2013. There are lots of reasons for women to choose short hair style, and there are many styles to pick from the pixie cut to the very fashionable bob cut. One of the reasons is to save money on mousse, hair spray, and other hair products. Also, if you can choose the right hair style for your features all of your friends will be jealous of your fantastic new look. But choose the wrong one, and you’ll be searching for hats and hair extensions by the end of the day.

Why Get a Short Hair Cut

Short hair has a lot of advantages, the first being it is currently one of the more fashionable and trendy hair styles for the fashion conscious woman. but there are also the pixie hair style, boy’s short hair cut, messy short hair cut, and the layered short hair style, and each of these have many variations to try. When you add bangs and highlights to the hair style, there are a dozens of different hair styles to choose from.

Also, while short hair isn’t as easy to maintain as some people say, especially if your hair is curly, it isn’t difficult to manage either. You will have to wash your hair more frequently, as dirt and oil is seen more easily in short hair. On the other hand you will not need as much conditioner, mousse or hair spray as shorter hair is easier to control, and overuse of hair products can make your short hair look oily. If you’re getting a short hair cut for the first time, ask your hair stylist what type of hair products you should use, and how much.


The Right Hair Style

Finding the perfect fashionable hair cut will take time and a clear idea of what you want. Short hair draws attention to your facial features. What part of your face do you want people to see? A boy’s short hair cut focuses attention on the nose and cheekbones. Short bob hair cuts will show off your jawline. The pixie hair style is great for women with oval or square faces, as it helps highlight the strong cheekbones and jawline. So when choosing a hair style, look at your face and seriously consider what features you want to show off, and ask your hair stylist for helpful suggestions.

The Most Fashionable Bob Cuts

The short bob hair cut is still very popular this year, with the asymmetrical bob hair cut as the biggest fashion trend, making any woman look hot and fun loving. The traditional short bob hair cut is still fashionable though, giving you a more innocent appearance and needing a minimal amount of hair products to maintain.

A bob is also easy to personalize. By adding bright highlights, you can give your hair a wild look. Subtle highlights help draw the eye to your hair style without overpowering the natural colors. With careful layering, combined with some mousse or hairspray, this hair cut can gain the fashionable messy look, especially when combined with angled cuts. Smaller layers work very well with the traditional short bob keeping it nice and neat while adding volume. They also require a lot less mousse or hairspray than the wilder look.

The other short hair styles out there all have pros and cons attached to them. What short hair cut you choose must depend on what you want to show off. Having a hair stylist you trust help you decide on the perfect style to match your facial features, hair type and personality can be of great help. Just remember when you pick your new style, having the most fashionable hair shouldn’t be your only concern. Pick a hair cut you’re comfortable with and one that complements your personality and features. By taking your time you will find the style that is just right for you.

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