Extreme Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day


If you’re mother has always had an adventurous side, why not make sure her Mother’s Day is an extreme one. You can start the day with making her breakfast in bed and even shower her with some Mother’s Day gifts before putting her in the car to go to her secret extreme experience.

Learn to Ski

There doesn’t have to be snow for your mother to learn how to ski or snowboard as there are plenty of indoor snow parks throughout the UK with trained professionals who can teach her how to get up and fly down a slope.

In fact this is a fun day for the whole family from tubing to sledging and then of course there is skiing and snowboarding. A hoodie with “number one mum” printed on it is one of the great Mother’s Day gifts to give for this occasion.

Sky Diving

Depending how adventurous your mother is, you can arrange a sky diving experience for her. Watch as she jumps out of a plane strapped to a professional and screams all the way down. This is a definite way to get her adrenaline pumping and a fun way for her to spend her special mother’s day. Just be sure that this is something your mother would be willing to do before spending money on the voucher.

River Rafting

River rafting can be a fun family day out where the family can spend time together on Mother’s Day and still enjoy some extreme fun. There are plenty locations around the UK where you can go white river rafting and with a trained professional you get to experience the adrenaline pumping fun that an extreme mother would love.

Bungee Jumping

It takes a lot of guts to jump off a bridge with elastic tied to your ankles, but if you think your mother is extreme enough, then this can be a great way to spend the day.

Put her in the car and don’t tell her where you are going; you can do this after breakfast and when you arrive try and keep it a secret as you climb up to where the bungee jump takes place and then tell her. Chances are she will try and get out of it, but if your mother is up for anything, you can film the entire experience so she always has it to remember her special Mother’s day experience.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great sport and extreme experience. On a good day you can climb a range of rock faces in the UK, be sure there is a professional climber to help you. But the great thing is that this is something you can do on a wet day at an indoor climbing center.

Watch as mum climbs the wall, carefully choosing her footing to get to the top and you don’t have to worry if she falls because there is a rope tied to her to catch her when she miscalculates that step. This is a great family adventure and when it’s all over you can present her with a personalized bottle of champagne to celebrate, another of the great Mother’s Day gifts that fit the occasion.

Remember that all mothers are different, so choosing an extreme day for Mother’s day should be done taking what she enjoys into consideration and not what you want to do. If you don’t think your mum will jump out of a plane, then rather choose white river rafting; remember this is a day to celebrate her and not a day for you.

Jess Toogood is a freelance writer and mother who loves trying new and exciting things. Seeing her mother trying some of these exciting experiences as Mother’s Day gifts is for her, the best way to complete this special day to make mum feel as special as possible.

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