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Black History Month Spotlight: Tanisha Ward – Classical Singer & Realtor

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Name and Occupation:

Tanisha Ward, Classical Singer & Realtor

What do you love most about being a Black woman?

I LOVE how strong we are,  our spirits are not “easily broken,” we’re very independent and we have depth and soulfulness about us.  Last, but not least…WE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND “WE ROCK!”

Who or what inspires you most?  

My mother inspires me most.  She was always my biggest supporter and she loved education and music and she never really got to learn and enjoy these things as she wanted because of life.  She was the oldest of her siblings and she had to help raise them, her own children and even a few grand-children.  I’m doing what I know she wanted me to do for the both of us.

Advice for Black men and women? 

Black men and women need to respect each other more.  What do I mean by that?  Somewhere along the line Black men have lost respect for Black women.  I believe a lot of it has to do with our music (lyrics about black women), our sex-crazed society and lack of education.  Men, not just black, respect a woman more if she can think for herself and will NOT let him run over her and treat her any kind of way.  She commands respect and if she feels she’s not getting that, she can walk away without hesitation.  I’m not saying education is the “cure-all” for our problems in the Black community, but it is a confidence booster and let’s her know “Yes, you are smart enough to do whatever you want!”

What are you working on that we need to check out?  

I’m presently working on an initiative for kids to celebrate and bring awareness to classical music.  I’m also working with some songwriters on some original pieces for an upcoming project to showcase my sound that I’ve coined as “operatic-soul,” a blend of traditional R&B with an operatic twist.

Where can we find you online?  

I’m on soundcloud.com/OperaticSoul, Facebook.com/SongstressTanishaWard (fan page), myspace.com/operatic_soul and twitter.com/operaticsoul.Name and Occupation: Tanisha Ward, Classical Singer and Realtor.

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