Putting Patches On Clothes Is Not A Thing Of The Past

Celebs wearing elbow patches!

Celebs wearing elbow patches!

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. One minute you will see a teenager wearing custom patches and the next minute the same teenager may be sporting some other outfit, trying to stay current with changing fashion trends.


Changes in fashion tend to reflect the changes taking place in a culture or society. For instance, patches were initially used to help lengthen the lifespan of clothes when people did not have money to buy new clothes. They were also used as rank insignia in the military during the 1800s. However, patches have managed to create a niche for themselves and now it is considered fashionable to sport clothes that are patched up, so to say. In fact, looking at today’s teenagers and young adults, it can be said that patches are making a come up and may end up being popular like they used to be in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Patches help individuals feel unique and distinct from their peers. Besides being a fashion statement, patches can also highlight beliefs, thoughts or be just utilitarian in their purpose. Nonetheless, patches can enhance the appearance of an outfit and make an individual stand out in a crowd. Perhaps that is what makes them so popular among teenagers and young adults.


Similarly the mini-skirt, which became popular in the 1960s, symbolized a change towards people’s attitudes to the female gender. The advent of the mini-skirts was a sign that women were becoming more liberal and even the society was becoming liberal with regard to its attitude and perception towards women.


Often advances in technology and world events and trends have an impact on fashion. For instance, when the 1970s was dominated, by the hippy movement, clothes became more vibrant, colorful and bold. With the hippy movement, even society’s attitude changed and this sparked a fashion trend. Of course, during this movement, patches became quite fashionable and trendy. The same can be said for bandanas and sarongs that keep coming back into fashion every now and then.

Fashion and its trends are really unique and truly reflect the way a society is being shaped. One can say that often boredom tends to be one of the main reasons why an entire generation shuns clothes that the previous generation wore. However, when it comes to custom patches, they never seem to go out of style. They can be used to make a style statement or they can be used to cover up frayed and old clothes. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why decorative patches never seem to die. They can always make clothes look fresh and unique, while doing away the need of spending money to buy new clothes.

Heather B has always been up to date with the latest fashion and enjoys sharing what is coming back into style.

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