Top Story: 9 Weird Things People Add To Their Coffee


Gone are the days when you brewed yourself a wonderful coffee, added cream or milk and sugar to taste and started drinking. Nowadays, the high street barista has introduced a range of wonderful flavors for your coffee delight and this has led to many people wondering what else they can add to their coffee to make it particularly special for their own taste buds. Some people have experimented with some extremely weird choices.

Experimenting is fun

Where making smoothies has become a permanent experiment of adding almost anything edible to vary the flavor as an experiment, coffee makers have found similar opportunities when they try to invent a new favorite flavor to share with friends and family.

For some people blueberries alone or with bananas mix very well with strong coffee. Frozen blueberries are easy to buy as are bananas. Although bananas have their own strong taste, they complement a range of products that mix well with almost anything, like nut butter, blueberries, coconut and dairy products. For people who prefer iced coffees, this range of very different flavors will work well.

When you’re moving through a phase of cleansing your palate, you might find that eating an apple when you are drinking coffee, brings out the natural taste of the brew more strongly. Apples have the advantage that they also whiten your teeth so if you’re worried about coffee stains from drinking too much coffee, chewing an apple at the same time as drinking your coffee may well solve the problem.


Climbing the coconut tree

People learn about adding flavors to their coffee from their travels all around the world. Where you are in a tropical zone, you will see a lot of people adding coconut milk or coconut oil, particularly to iced coffee. Once you have enjoyed the taste of coconut milk in your coffee, you can add bananas from the same region to change the flavor yet again.

Coconut oil doesn’t mix into the coffee, but sits right on top. Once you have experimented with adding the right amount of coconut oil, you will find you are sipping mostly coffee with a little oil to make a perfect blend.

Many people enjoy the flavor of a mocha coffee, with mostly chocolate or cocoa powder being added to your favorite brew. You can enhance the flavor by replacing the liquid chocolate or the cocoa powder with a small square of very dark chocolate, eating a chocolate bar as you normally would, while you sip on your coffee.


Adding spice to your coffee

Many people prefer their coffee sweet, but the taste of the sweetening products on the market leave a lot to be desired because none of them match the natural taste of sugar. Some sweeteners can ruin the taste of the coffee which forces you into using real sugar to enjoy your coffee.

If you need to cut down on sugar, perhaps because you are overweight, you can replace sugar in your coffee with a range of spices which will bring a new flavor to your coffee. After a short while you won’t even miss the sugar. Nutmeg and cinnamon are perfect examples of spices that will improve your coffee flavor, but some people prefer a few drops of dark cocoa powder or vanilla.

Some people have even replaced the sugar with a pumpkin spice mixture. The bottom line is that any coffee experiment is worthwhile, because even with a few failures you will eventually get a great result.

Damien Higgins writes for Eden Springs. Eden Springs office coffee machines provide a delicious brew at the office.

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