W Magazine Celebrates Celebrities Without Makeup


W magazine has released a new campaign that features some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities with no make-up on. A reflection we aren’t used to seeing, the bare faces of our idols are a breath of fresh air in comparison to the usual airbrushed glamazons that are made up within an inch of their lives.

In a photo shoot that exemplified the largely sexless plots of last year’s movies, photographer Juergen Teller’s work showcased an America with a naked thirst for heroes. W magazine journalist, Lynn Hirschberg, examined the narratives of some of 2012’s major box office hits. Identifying that a lot of them were fairly devoid of physical passion, Hirschberg pointed out that even the notoriously affair-driven James Bond was nearly chaste in new franchise film Skyfall. The traditional busty Bond girl was replaced by the maternal figure of M, Bond’s boss, who came to represent England in all its historic glory. The latest addition to the bond franchise, Skyfall was a box office hit – proffering a hero none of us could resist

Audiences were satiated of their desire for a conqueror in 2012 film’s Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, and Django Unchained, with films like Deep Blue Sea starring Rachel Weisz and Marion Cottilard’s Rust and Bone barely making a blip at the box office for their failure to meet spectator trends. It was the hero that was in fashion, and we expected film canvases to reflect the pulse of popular culture.

Let’s take a peek at the highlights of W Magazines compelling photo shoot.

The No Make-Up Celebrity Heroes of 2012

  • Daniel Day-Lewis: Looking calm and collected in his Western boots, the raw image of Lincoln actor Daniel Day-Lewis conveys the liberation his character embodies in the film. A movie that created a sense of grand democratic possibility, Lincoln’s epic world can still be seen shining through the eyes of a make-up free Lewis, who sits with his hands folded in true celebrity form.
  • Naomi Watts: For those of us who have often wondered how Tinseltown’s brightest starlets look when they’re unmasked, Naomi Watts’ fresh face encases her twinkling blue eyes without a scrap of make up on. Speaking of her bare face, Watt’s admits that she is rarely recognized on the street as the blonde bombshell who struts the red carpets of the world’s most prestigious awards ceremony. Not that she’s complaining.
  • Marion Cotillard: A pared down Cotillard sports bags under her eyes as she faces the camera without a hint of make-up. Snapped as she emerges from the shower (in a towel), the French actress is the picture of natural beauty. No make-up no fuss, Cotillard’s celebrity status remains firmly intact as she stares pointedly into the lens.

In an answer to speculation about the true beauty of celebs, the no make-up pics from W Magazines revealing shoot leaves its candidates with no place to hide. Interestingly enough, the stars in question aren’t any less beguiling under the harsh glare of the lens. Evidently their star quality won’t be falling from the sky anytime soon.

Author Byline:

Bella Gray is a fashion blogger who loves to write about the fashion scene. From a wool scarf to the latest runway collection, Gray is the go-to-gal for all your style trends and gossip.

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