Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: 5 Men Who Didn’t Learn Their Lesson


How can you be sure that someone who has been unfaithful in the past will ever be faithful again? Once trust is lost it’s hard to regain and these showed why it’s best to think twice before trusting a cheater.

One – The Serial Cheater!

We all know one of them, unfortunately this woman didn’t know him as well as she’d hoped. The client approached us with suspicions over her boyfriend’s fidelity. The relationship had been on/off for years and had always been rocky due to trust issues bought about by her boyfriend’s past infidelity. We investigated the periods of absence that the client had begun to notice with a mixture of GPS or vehicle tracking and surveillance. The evidence we gathered with these methods contained footage of the client’s boyfriend becoming intimate with another woman.

Two- Third Time Unlucky

This next woman came to us with suspicions that her boyfriend had cheated on her for the third and last time. The couple had been together for nine years and had had three children together but that hadn’t stopped him cheating on her twice in the past. After she learnt of his infidelity the last time, she swore that if it happened again it would mean the end of the relationship. Though she believes that it has happened again, she wants to make sure before making such a life changing decision for her and her family. This is why she came to us. After consultation with the client, we decided that the best method of investigation for this case would be to use polygraph or lie detector testing to reveal the truth. We found out that the individual had lied and had actually cheated more than the client thought.

Three – One Time Too Many

A wife came to us with the suspicion that her husband had been participating in extra-marital relations. Again, the couple had been together since a young age and were now coming up to their 30th wedding anniversary so the client had had a lot of experience of her husband’s infidelity. Though her husband has been unfaithful in the past, he has always been honest and open about it and the couple have a mutual, if somewhat unconventional, agreement regarding their infidelities. On this occasion however the client had not been told by her husband of the affair and was worried that it was becoming a more serious relationship and wanted us to investigate. We discovered that the husband of the client was in relationships with several of his employees but didn’t appear attached to any of them. They seemed to just be more flings in a series, definitely not the first and probably not the last.

Four – Unfaithful Bad Boy

A man approached us with suspicions that his boyfriend was being unfaithful to him. The couple had been together for several months but the relationship had moved very quickly and the two were now living together. The client had always been the most responsible of the pair but put that down to the age difference between them and was very generous and loving to his partner who did not often return these affections. The client had never questioned the motives of his lover before but was starting to have doubts about his fidelity and the whole relationship but when questioned about it, his partner responded very lovingly. The client asked us to find out whether or not his partner was faithful and we did. Unfortunately it was not the result the client wanted though he was glad to finally have found out the truth.

Five – Three’s A Crowd

A woman came to us regarding the husband she had been married to for a decade who had a habit of infidelity that she really didn’t like. Over the years the habit had grown worse and she was becoming more and more uncomfortable in her marriage. He had recently begun to see someone else but the client is concerned that this time it was a more serious relationship. Though he says that they’ve finished she doesn’t believe him and feels like he’s pushed her too far this time. With the use of surveillance we were able to confirm the affair and make the client’s husband come clean to her. It turned out that the husband was hoping to have his new lover move in to their home as his mistress. After we left the case, the client divorced her husband and is now in a new relationship.

The author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced  private Investigator who works for the company  Private Investigators . Charlie has researched his material throughout the world and still finds the time to write many blogs for birmingham-privatedetectives.co.uk.

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