How TV Shows Influence Fashion

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Does television influence fashion, or does fashion influence television? To be honest, fashion and television probably influence each other equally. Popular TV shows, influential people in the news and sports stars are often seen sporting fashions seen on the runway, and models on the runway often mimic trends already being worn by popular celebrities.

How Celebrity Fashion Affects Ordinary People

Soon the outfits of celebrities and fashion models influence what is worn by regular people on the streets. Fashion designers pick up on what celebrities are wearing and soon after it is available to the general public. This happens because many people want to emulate the looks of their favorite athletes, celebrities or other well-known people. Examples of popular fashion trends that were created by celebrities are listed below.

Popular TV Star that Influenced Fashion

Before Rachel, Jennifer Aniston, featured a long bob on the popular sitcom Friends, most people had never seen one before. Shortly after Aniston rocked the look, the long bob became one of the most popular hair cuts of the 1990s.

Katie Couric’s Influence on the Fashion Industry

Everyone recognizes Katie Couric for her big smile, perky personality and ability to ask and get answers to tough questions. One of the other reasons Katie Couric is well-known is for her fashion sense. Couric, who is very petite, broke the mold for women anchors with her fashion forward ensemble as the co-anchor of the Today show. Couric’s short, wavy bob also encouraged other women to embrace short and natural hair.

Another example of fashionable people are the wives of U.S. Presidents. Jackie Kennedy, Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama are all well-known for their fashionable attire. In fact, the oversized sunglasses that Jackie Kennedy wore during her husband’s days in office are still referred to as Jackie O glasses today. The first lady’s unique hairstyle also created quite a trend during the 1960s. Barbara Bush was an older first lady but was still fashionable all the same. Michelle Obama is probably the most fashionable of the three and often wears gowns straight off the runways of famous fashion shows.

The NBA’s Fashion Forward Men

Who would have known that some of the most fashionable men in the world aren’t found on the runway. Instead, they can be found giving post-game NBA interviews. In fact, many of these interviews feature NBA players like Lebron James and Dwayne Wade who are dressed to the nines in designer duds.

How Celebrities Affect Average People’s Style

Everyone knows that imitation is flattery. So, whether regular people get their fashion advice from the fashion industry or take cues from their favorite celebrity, it is likely a combination of the two that affects fads picked up by average people. Sometimes people draw fashion inspiration from their favorite models, celebrities, movie stars or professional athletes, and others copy their favorite looks entirely. However, when it comes to fashion and famous people, the one thing that can be guaranteed is that the trends will continue to change. Famous people will continue to be photographed in new and upcoming trends and regular people will copy these looks or adapt them to create their own look.

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