Black History Month Spotlight: Betty & Coretta – What Did You Think?


Of course Mary J. Blige’s acting was subpar, but I  think the pace of the film moved too slow, I wasn’t crazy about the people chosen to play certain roles, and I didn’t like the ending. However, I do appreciate Ruby Dee’s real life commentary within the film and I am happy that this film was made because it’s one of many very important stories to be told in American history. It also sparked conversation between me and my 10 year old daughter. Senia had no idea that Malcolm X was killed by a Black man. It’s funny how kids look at  things. She assumed it was a White man that killed him because why in  the world would his own people kill him?! That’s a deep thought…and we’re still killing each other. I also  learned that I don’t know enough about Medgar Evers so after I write this  I am going to GOOGLE him!

Anyway, what did you think of Betty &  Coretta?

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5 thoughts on “Black History Month Spotlight: Betty & Coretta – What Did You Think?

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  4. I enjoyed the film to a degree. Alas, nowadays TV movies aren’t as well crafted as they used to be (I remember the kinds of money that were put into such quality productions as ABC’s ROOTS, CBS’ THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MISS JANE PITTMAN, and NBC’s KING). So, BETTY AND CORETTA felt rushed and not fully formed but I agree, the glue that really held it all together was Ruby Dee’s commentary. I also was quite impressed with the cinematography.

    GHOSTS OF MISSISSIPPI was a film that dealt with Medgar Evers and the Byron De La Beckwith trial as well as did the much superior, I think, TV movie FOR US THE LIVING, which co-starred Ossie Davis.

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