What’s In Your Purse: Now Versus the 90’s


A lot is different from the 90’s. The days of large Zach Morris sized cellular phones, and Nirvana, was an age that I’m sure most of us remember fondly for one reason or another. However, most will agree that saying goodbye to bulky technology was an act that highlights the shift over to the 2000’s. This past decade is when we have seen technology become both affordable and a necessity. As technology has changed and products have been improved, the internal landscapes of women’s purses have changed as much as their style and size have. So without further ado, here is a look at how things have changed.

Bag Style:

Then: In the 90’s everyone and their grandmother was carrying a miniature backpack style purse.

Now: Purses are a very personal thing; whether you opt for a shoulder strap or wrist strap, messenger style or clutch, even oversized totes are a regular option. We live in an anything goes age, where women are free to choose what suits their mood, style, and life.         

Music to Groove to:

Then:  Move over walkman, the Discman is born and everyone rejoiced. These were still  very bulky, most consumed about the same amount of space as an average sized novel. Not to mention the need for the headphones and the CD’s that you wanted to listen to. Oh, and extra batteries…How did they not carry full sized backpacks???

Now:   MP3…and thank you geek gods for that. The invention of the mp3 player freed up a lot of space, headphones went through the change as well and ear buds are born. To carry an mp3 player and charger will only consume an approximate quarter of the space that its archaic cousin would have needed to travel.

Call Me On My Cell!

Then:  Cell phones were not as common place in the 90’s. Nowadays on the other hand, most children have them as well as adults. The late 90’s gave way to the first flip-style phones, but they were not as small as they are now. Think more along the lines of a large TV remote.

Now:   Most cell phones are mp3 players, personal assistants, day planners, and more.  Having one piece of technology that serves so many purposes has freed up a lot of purse space.

Reading for pleasure.

Then:  Yes back in the 90’s women still carried paper books in their handbags. Real books that could be held and that smelled of ink and paper were commonplace.

Now:   This is another area where technology has changed lives. Cell phones and e-readers are the norm. Although some people still do prefer the old school versions.

All of these changes have shaped our lives and our purses. Women can carry smaller bags because what they need to carry is smaller. In some instances cellular phones are even taking the place of credit cards and money. In the years to come maybe women won’t carry purses at all and everything will be microchips and retinal scans.

Author Byline: Simon is a Professional Blogger from Higherclick.com working for their client Macy’s.com.

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