Must See TV In 2013


Television really does have many programming choices. No matter what your tastes are, you will be able to find something intriguing. Documentaries, sitcoms, made for TV movies; they are all available with a simple click of the remote. In 2013, we see the return of many of last years sitcoms…some of which their return is questioned…really? You though that was entertainment? Anyways, for the boob tube connoisseurs there are a few clear winners that will be making the cut on the must-see list.

Walking Dead

If you have not seen or heard of the walking dead you:

a) Live under a rock

b) Don’t have electricity

c)…okay, there is no “c”. “A” and “b” are the only acceptable reasons for not having heard of this show. It is now well into its 3rd season, which is slatted to start again on February 10. Here is the background for those of you who do not know:

Rick is a police officer who is shot in the line of duty. He goes into a coma and awakes sometime later. The hospital has been completely abandoned and the outside world is eerily quiet. Rick later learns that while he was in a coma a virus, or something, has been turning people into zombies. They do not call them zombies though, they call them walkers. Rick is eventually reunited with his wife and son and that is where this spoiler ends.

Honestly, if you go to you can watch all the back episodes–not to mention some webisodes that build on the series. Well no one except the creators is certain of where the series is headed; surely, it will be a good ride.

Top Gear

This UK series has taken the car world by storm. Even if you are not interested in cars, you will be sure to find these guys entertaining. The good news is that Top Gear is back for its 19th series on Sunday January 27th, 2013 in the UK. According to, The U.S premier is one week later. These guys take to the track with some awesome and some awesomely hilarious vehicles, and they goof around some (see a lot) along the way.

In order to really become acquainted with Clarkson, Hammond, May and, The Stig, you should check out some of the past episodes. One in particular comes to mind, which is sure to make you laugh. The guys did a U.S.A special and drove across the U.S and more memorably the southern states. That can all be viewed in season (series) 9 episode 3.  Travis Okulski, in the article “This Is What To Expect In The First Episode Of Top Gear’s 19th Season” on the site has this to say about the series premier…

  • Jeremy tries to make a car smaller than the Peel P50. That’s what the robotic Dr. Who-esque thing that we showed you a few weeks ago was all about.
  • James takes the Bentley Continental GT Speed off road for a little bit of rally action.
  • Richard is on the track with the Pagani Huayra. We’re betting they all make fun of how it’s pronounced and spelled.
  • Damian Lewis will do the whole Kia C apostrophe D star in a reasonably priced car bit.

Oh my, I dare say, it does sound exciting! You know, there is a reason why Top Gear is the most watched informational show. Do not miss it.

While those are the two main shows that everyone should be sure to check out, there are a couple of honorable mentions:

The Carrie Diaries

If you happened to be a fan of Sex in the City, get ready for this new show. The Carrie Diaries introduces us to the young adult version of Carrie Bradshaw. At the time this article was written, the first episode had already aired and really…it was good!

Grey’s Anatomy

Here we go again, our favorite hospital staff returns for another drama-filled season. With the shows history it will be interesting to see what the story will be this year.

It cannot be said enough, make sure you catch these great shows. They are sure to offer many laughs, or in the case of The Walking Dead, night terrors–Kidding, it is not that scary, but I would not let young children watch it. Cheers to all the great TV shows, and have a wonderful 2013 television season.

This is a guest post by Andras D., an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time media specialist. He currently works on exciting media projects in Europe.

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